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10-05-2006, 17:52
Strigoi Count- level 2, curse of the revenant, summon ghouls, iron sinews- 340 (goes in unit of 20 skeletons)

Wraith- obsidian amulet- 135
(goes in unit of 15 skeletons)

Wraith- ring of the night- 120
(goes in unit of 15 skeletons)

Necromancer- level 2, spell familiar, black periapt, talisman of protection- 145

20 skeletons- light armor, full command- 225

15 skeletons- light armor, full command- 175

15 skeletons- light armor, full command- 175

5 ghouls- ghast- 50

5 ghouls- ghast- 50

5 dire wolves- 50

5 dire wolves- 50

5 black knights- full command, warbanner- 180

5 black knights- full command, banner of the dead legion- 180

3 fell bats- 60

3 fell bats- 60


10-05-2006, 19:24
where does the necro go?

10-05-2006, 20:55
Your necromancer can't have two arcane items.

10-05-2006, 22:41
Why wraiths as opposed to thralls or more necros?

11-05-2006, 00:05
I don't like 5 strong goul units as they rarely do anything more than act as a speed bump which is done much better by invocationing zombies in your opponents heavy cav's faces.

Maybe drop the doggies and up the goul units to ten each? or the other way around if you need more warmachine hunters/flankers.

11-05-2006, 21:57
I'd combine the 2 ghoul units because as already said, units of 5 aren't worth it.
Also i don't really like the charatcer set up. A couple terror causers marching up the middle are really cool, except in an army where every model causes fear, it's not so hot.

I'd drop both wraiths for a necromancer and upgrade the count to a lord with lvl3. This gives you 3 more much needed lvls of magic. You might not be able to afford all this with just those dropped wraiths.

I'd also combine the 2 black knight units into one 10 man squad with the warbanner. This would really help you knights in combat because they'll usually outnumber, with unit strength 20 and give them a rank. combine this with a the warbanner and your already at +4cr with them before you make those s6 hits on the charge, not to mention with killing blow. If you can add in a flank charge also you'll be at +5.

12-05-2006, 16:04
Your list is OK as far as VC lists go, but it certainly does not "feel" like a Strigio army. The wraiths and the black knights in particular do not fit into my vision of what a Strigio army should look like. Your army could fit into the Von Carstein, Lahmian or Blood Dragon style of army composition.

Since you cannot augment the Vampire's magic abilities, I would opt for a very low key magic phase, with just a scroll caddy for support.

One build for this list is to take four flying Strigio Vampires and have them all charge out of units of Skelies/Zombies, unleashing an incredible amount of hatred-induced slaughter. It is very ugly in action. Just make sure you concentrate all the Vampires on one target at a time, and beware ranged counter attack.

What a Strigio list really needs is lots of ghouls, mostly in units of 9s and 5s. Forget about the Ghasts - why pay 10 points for 1 attack when 8 points buys you another ghoul with two attacks?

As for the usefulnes of units of 5, lets evaluate the potential of these small units for a measly 40 pts. Lets say you charge a fully ranked unit that has a mage in the front rank. Since you do not have a ghast he cannot use a challenge to limit the number of attacks you direct towards the wizard. So you throw six attacks at him, one poisons, two more hit, of which one will probably wound. Unless the wizard has a ward save or is a lord he should be dead. The ghouls will probably break, which is fine because you just killed a wizard, thereby tilting the magic phase in your favour. For 40 points.

Dire Wolves can be used in the same fashion, though war machines are your primary target. So fast, but so fragile

It has been my experience that 3 fell bats basically suck out. I prefer units of 5-6. Especially if fighting dwarven war machine crews.

Anyways, just my thoughts of a Strigio based VC army.