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06-09-2012, 06:18
Hello Everyone, Intact here, My gaming community is having a tournament upcoming soon, 2k Points around next month. Im going to be practicing the bretons until then to get them to a point I like them, and to just get used to the army more, so far i have about 5-6 games under my belt with playing them (half half win/loss ratio) so im just looking for a little advice and possible tune ups, negatives and positives, and whatever else can be examined with the list. aswell if i see a list i like, i will definatly try it out, only figure i dont have is the trebuchet, so i cannot include that, thanks in advance ;)



Lord - 229 Points
-Heartwood Lance
-Crown of Command
-Virtue of the Joust


Damsel of the Lady - 130 Points
-Level 2
-Prayer Icon of Quenelles

Paladin - 129 Points
-BSB (War Banner)
-Virtue of Duty

Paladin - 74 Points
-Virtue of Empathy
-Armor of Agilulf
-Morning Star


Knights of the Realm (11) - 303 Points
-Banner of Swiftness

Knights of the Realm (11) - 313 Points
-Banner of Twilight

Men at Arms (34) - 197 Points


Grail Relique - 118 Points

Pegasus Knights (3) - 165 Points


Grail Knights (8) - 334 Points

Total = 1997 Points

(edit woops, left a footnote earlier on an item, deleted and fixed)
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06-09-2012, 13:32
Do you have 3 war banners? Cause you can't do that. You can only have one of any magic item

06-09-2012, 19:09
Do you have 3 war banners? Cause you can't do that. You can only have one of any magic item

woops thats my bad, will edit

King Arthur
08-09-2012, 13:28
These are all suggestions and these seem to work for me so try not to give me to much abuse. I used to include 3 combat heroes as well but the secound paladin is rarely useful unless I know you are trying to boost the peasants in combat but in experiance a damsel does the same job and increases magic phase usefulness and magic resistance is handy. I also find that having a 1+ re rollable armour save on your lord is priceless (instead of virtue of the joust?). Also you may be outranked in the magic phase think about including a prophetess in a knight unit on beasts with the Bsb casting savage beast of horros on him and wyysans wildform is always a one hit wonder combo to be proud of and you only need 4 dice in the magic phase to acheive this! Also on the damsel you may want to include a chalice of malfluer on life (oops remember you only need 2 wizards max per army the apprentice and master strategy works well)I also find savage beast of horros on the higher value with the Bsb and lord in the same unit will let you break through any unit as you have as many ranks as them and you will kill a lot more of their dudes. Consider replacing Grail knights they are good fun but over priced. but you must also remember to have fun do what ever you like these are only tips for lists pick and choose, your list is very well rounded but with some pointers will become alot better.