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06-09-2012, 13:53
Greetings seers!

After a long time without a game I dusted off my skinks and had a 1000pt game against an Orc and goblin player with my super skirmisher list.


I have strung my forces out in a line; my main focus will be the middle section of the board around that piece of impassable terrain (spaceship). Im hoping to lure the boarboyz around the right hand side and into the waiting arms of my cohort skinks and razordon. Both groups of camo skinks have scouted on my right flank and both terradon units have swept forward with vanguard, the unit on the left denied the spiders most of their vanguard.
My opponent has deployed his mounted general with the boarboyz, to the right he has his shaman with goblins and his orc choppa boy unit. On the left he has 3 river trolls shielding some snotlings (out of shot is a large unit of spider riders).

Turn 1

The spider riders moved up, deciding not to bother charging the terradons (would easily escaped with a flee), in reply I flew the terradons over them dropping rocks and shuffled up the skinks and sallies to rain fire on the cheeky gobbos.
Further along the river trolls moved up supported by the snotlings, in my turn I charged them with my scarvet winning combat but failing to run them down.
The terradons, skirmishers and razordon all targeted the boarboyz killing a few, im really happy with my positioning in this picture as my terradons are ready to charge the fleeing trolls next turn or flee (over the spaceship) and easily escape should the choppa boyz feel lucky. My cohort unit is placed to redirect the boars.
In the backfield for want of a better target my camo skinks move in and start shooting at the large units.

Turn 2

The spider riders charge the skinks who flee and then rally in my turn, I then unleash both salamanders at close range destroying all of the mounted goblins.
The boar boys run down the skinks after besting them in combat, but are then surrounded by my skirmishers and razordon killing more in a hail of darts and barbs. The camo skinks have a fantastic round of shooting at close range against the choppa boyz reducing them further, while the shaman splats a few on the chameleons in vengeance.
The terradons charge the trolls who failed to rally and push them of the board; meanwhile scarvet runs into the snotlings (after a dicey stand and shoot) and hacks away.

Turn 3

Things are looking bad for Orc and goblin player, so for fun he skips to his magic phase six dicing foot of gork and proceeds to smash apart all of my units. They are either sent feeling or severely depleted just when he had stomped nearly every unit on the board he rolled the result where I get to choose, so I picked the goblin bunker his shaman was hiding in killing over half and making them flee off the board.

Victory!? To the skinks.

06-09-2012, 14:01
It's sad when Gork steps on greenskins...

06-09-2012, 14:10
It's sad when Gork steps on greenskins...

Sometimes (even watching your reports) I forget how awsome that spell is. :eek:

07-09-2012, 12:46
Aye, that spell sure is tough. Nice report, my favourite format easy to read and follow. Thanks for posting it :)