View Full Version : Mini Orion - Warmachine Hunter?

Casablanca Cat
08-09-2012, 21:06
I've been playing around with various Wood Elf lord builds lately and I think I may have hit on something pretty special...

"What about a miniature version of Orion, King of the Wood?"

Wood Elf Highborn
Alter Kindred
The Dawnspear
The Helm of the Hunt
Light Armour

He moves 18 inches when marching - awesome!
He charges 2D6+9 inches - awesome!
He's almost guaranteed to strike first at initiative 9 - awesome!
He'll have 6 STR4 attacks at WS8 when he charges - awesome!
Enemies will be at -1 to hit if he wounds - awesome!
As a quick-moving, single miniature he is easy to hide, difficult to hit with missile weapons, and small enough to power between bigger enemy units - awesome!
It allows for some fantastic conversion work with a beastman body - awesome!
He has a 4+ save - ehh, I could give him the Amaranthine Brooch... the rest is awsome!

Now I need to point out that I have not actually run this build in a game but I figure if I did I would use him to hunt war machines, lone characters etc. What do the rest of you guys think?

The Low King
08-09-2012, 22:28
Fast, fluffy and good at taking out small units...but..

-VERY vulnerable to shooting. As a pretty expensive character running about on his own he will get targeted, paticualrly once your opponant realise his ninja-ness (a technical term). At T3 and with only a 4+ save unless you can keep him in hard cover he will die.
-The spear is a bit wasted on a non-cavalry model, he would really benifit from the strength bonus.
-because of the 1" rule he might struggle to fit between units and just find himself stuck infront of them
-against warmachines he doesn need the -1 to hit, he will probably kill the crew before they can strike anyway.
-Expensive. He is what, 250+ points?

Personally i can see his best use as an assasin to charge a wizard in a unit, charges in, killed him and with the -1 to hit and WS8 probably survives for a but and holds it up. But that fails if they have a champion and can just break him through static combat res. Or you may find it effective to give him the stubborn crown and charge a WS3 unit, being hit on 6s and just pinning them forever.

Against warmachines you probably want something with fly. Only +1 movement but the ability to charge OVER the enemy units is huge.

I do love Alter kindred lords though so if you can find a good use for him and fit him in your list then take him.