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The Harlyquin
09-09-2012, 13:15
Hi all

I decided to see if I can get motived to get an army finished at last, so making this log as a form of motivation :). I'm not fussed about playing with this army so I can convert to my hearts content and not worry about WYSIWYG

I intend to make at least 1 unit of trukk boys and another unit for each of the major klanz

Some thing i have been slowly working on


I still need to do some work to it mainly rivets and filling the holes in the wheels

next up is my looted rhino, which will count as a trukk for either my Blood Axes or my Death Skulls

this is going to be a snakebite trukk, working on the boys to go with, and once they are made I'll get some pics of them up

all comments welcome, thanks for looking