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10-09-2012, 11:03
The Liche High Priest stays with the archers while the tomb prince and liche priest are with the warriors. I think the tactics are pretty self explanatory but please let me know your thoughts. I'm encourage constructive criticism :)


Liche High Priest (Hierophant, Lore of Nehekara) [245]
- Talisman of Preservation, Earthing Rod


Tomb Prince (Army General) [154]
- Great weapon, Armour of Silvered Steel, Dragonstone gem thing (2++ against flaming attacks)

Liche Priest (Lore of Light) [150]
- Level 2, Obsidian lodestone


Skeleton Warriors (58) [378]
- light armour, shields, master of arms, musician, standard bearer

Skeleton Archers (20) [150]
- master of arrows, musician, standard bearer

Skeleton Chariots (3) [175]
- Standard bearer

Skeleton Horse Archers (5) [70]

Skeleton Horse Archers (5) [70]


Ushabti (6) [330]
- great bows, ancient, musician, standard bearer

Tomb Scorpion [85]

Carrion (3) [72]


Screaming Catapult [120]
- Skulls of the foe

10-09-2012, 21:06
Your special choices are probably where you will get the most critism. I gather they're a personal choice or to suprise your opponant more than an optimal choice. Although a rare few swear by the Bowshabti theyre generally panned as pretty subpar for the points, especially with warspinxes as the alternative.
Personally I find a Dispel scroll invaluable, even over the earthing rod.

Spiney Norman
10-09-2012, 21:53
If I was going to make easy changes I would drop the obsidian lodestone and skulls of the foe for a couple more carrion, also I'm slightly struggling to understand your game plan.

You have one large anvil (skeleton warriors), but other than the Prince you've not got anything to buff them with (such as Spears, necrotect etc) to make them a more competent combat option
Your only hammers are a very small chariot unit and Ushabti that are not equipped for that purpose, how are you going to break units that end up in combat with your skeletons?
You have a catapult, but only one, you seem to be toying with the idea of a ranged list (small number of archers, bowshabti, single catapult) without fully committing to it, also I find the lack of Casket questionable because it is the lynchpin of the TK magic phase.

If you could describe your intended battle plan it might help us advise your list, what do you envisage these units doing on the table top, how do you imagine it combatting the strengths of the top armies in the current tournement scene?