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10-09-2012, 16:21
Please see my attempt at a first themed slaaneshi deamon army, any advice would be much appreciated but bare in mind these models aren't cheap. If possible i'd want to stay with a one god army

keeper of secrets, deamonic rhobes, siren song = 500points

masque of slaanesh = 90points
heald of slaanesh. bsb, great standard of sundering = 165points
herald of slaanesh, lvl 1 = 140points

40 deamonettes of slaanesh, full command, siren song = 535points

5 seekers of slaanesh = 120points
5 seekers of slaanesh = 120points

3 fiends of slaanesh = 165points
3 fiends of slaanesh = 165points

Lance Tankmen
10-09-2012, 16:33
i havent seen seekers be used but i know the rest perform well, and i must say i like that its ACTUALLY all slaaneshi. I hate the "khorne" armies for WoC that have marks of tzeenech.

10-09-2012, 18:23
You might not enjoy the Magic Phase.

10-09-2012, 18:53
Most daemon armies at 2k don't take a Greater Daemon because of the points limitation. A KoS is so much better with the Spirit Swallower but obviously you can't fit that in there so I'm thinking that perhaps if you're trying to be competitive, take him out and add another BIG unit of daemonettes for your other herald to lead. Maybe try putting the ether blade on her for extra punch. I understand if you really like the Keeper of Secrets, and so, if you have to take the KoS, drop the level 1 on your Herald and make the Keeper of Secrets a level 2 (meaning drop the other gifts on him). You can then put the siren song back on the other herald if you want. Having a level 2 will make all the difference, and yeah going mono god (that isn't tzeentch) you have to take the banner of sundering. If you only have one block of daemonettes, they kind of become the primary target for your opponent, with the KoS becoming second (or first in some situations). Keep that in mind. If you can, fit some extra cheap chaff in there (seekers aren't quite "cheap" enough): Chaos Furies in groups of 5 are decent. They have a slight problem in that they won't be able to fly once they're too close to the enemy (unless the general is withing 18"), but most of the time I fly them up to the enemy and at an angle just to hold something off for a turn. Plus with strength 4 they can hurt war machines more readily.

11-09-2012, 12:00
I was thinking about dropping the stuff on the kos and making him a lvl 2 but i like the idea of only being wounded on a 3+ and then forcing a unit to charge you or to flee. I'm thinking of dropping one of the units of fiends qand taking some furies instead but my main concern with this army is anti-magic. Apart from what I've done there's not much else I can think of doing right now

11-09-2012, 19:50
Don't drop any fiends! They are such a good unit. If you're looking to drop a unit, drop some seekers instead. One seeker unit gets you two units of furies. IMO that is a better deal. The keeper is such a hard hitter, he's almost good by himself. IMO the robes are ok - they'll save you every once and a while (I usually say forget the robes and then my Lord of Change gets wounded by a canon ball on a 2 and I think DANGIT!). Siren song is very, very good. The magic is always a tough spot for this kind of army regardless of whether you take a level one or two wizard. It's just something you'll have to deal with. At least there is the sundering banner. ;)

11-09-2012, 21:53
Why 2000 points? If you want to take the KoS then move up to 2500 points to comfortably fit it in with the proper gear. Keep the fiends and use them as your anti magic. A fiend "chariot" that slams into the enemy magic user to assassinate it early in the game is worth it.

12-09-2012, 10:15
Because most throne of skulls tournaments are 2k now apart from one which is 2.4k. And I like the keeper of secrets he is very hard hitting in my mind

19-09-2012, 12:49
So I tried this list out on monday and it worked well although I did drop one of the fiends unit for a 5 man unit if furies and some upgrades, also splitting the 40 deamonette unit into 2 20 deamonette unit's. The list worked out pretty well although thee fiends did nothing for the entire game, the only thing that they did was take a wound due to a forest. Apart from that it did quite well my opponent had a big marauder block a big warrior block 2 shrines, 2 units of hounds a bsb a shadow lord and a fire hero. One thing I gotta say warriors don't seem to like always strike first lol