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11-09-2012, 05:20
I'm usually a 40k modeller, but living in Japan there are always tons of model kits in your face in different hobby shops. Most are Gundam or perverted girl statues, but there are other obscure lines of models I find more interesting (uniqueness, style whatever)
There was a Manga called Maschinen Krieger apparently in the 80's I know nothing about, but everything is like a 1940s WWII style future. I picked up this kit on sale and decided to build/paint it up...

11-09-2012, 05:23
Here are the sprues and the model in sections

11-09-2012, 05:27
some other angles
the gap around the head compartment is tricky to seal, considering its not entirely glued and the whole model sort of swivels apart for no reason. Larger scale models of this kit demonstrate how the pilot enters and have a reason for the front and sides to open. This kit lack a pilot aside from the head and the final model could easily seal up the body crevaces.

11-09-2012, 10:27
Having just returned from Tokyo, i know exactly what you talk about. The problem is finding those stores that have the gems.
The Ma.K. was quite big in the late eighties and there was alot of kits for them. Most where battlesuits but they also did some walkers,tanks and some fliers.

From your pictures it looks like a rather good fit model. My brother bought three of these suits from diffrent countries.
Ill be very intersested in how youll paint this suit.

Good luck !


11-09-2012, 11:52
Actually I made a comment on fit up top (where the head support meets the armour) but it could be pushed together. so the fit is definitely good.
I need some 1mm flex wire for the foot cables drilled out, those can be found/added later.

my paint plan is as follows...
-Tamiya surface primer grey
-Primary surfaces in Fortress Grey with black/boltgun metal chipping... maybe some watered down blue wash for crevices
-backpack/thrusters in black/scorched brown 50:50. Washed black
-redish orange markings

This page has my inspiration for the weathering http://www.spruecutters.com/wips/125-mak-safs-fireball-120-nitto.html?start=2
He has the older kit, and it looks airbrushed (and fantastic)

11-09-2012, 12:52
I can only agree with you that it look absolutly brilliant.

Itll be great to see how yours turn out.


12-09-2012, 06:25
So before spraying and painting I was a bit apprehensive given Ive never used this type of plastic before. I used the extra black sprue, and some optional shoulderpads as a paint test.
the rubber sprue for cables and joints does not hold paint long-term:
This will be a problem with the joints already connected into glued sections. I will have to rub the paint off after priming

Here is a paint test to see what colors and styles Id like to try on the final model
The orange shoulder is:
- Scorched Brown base
- Blood Red/Sunburst Yellow mix (OK ive got limited paints right now)
-odd weathering attempts using either Black over Scorched (layers of paint off) or on the right its black over Adeptus Battlegrey

The right-most grey shoulder is my goal for the model, goes as follows:
- Fortress Grey over primer
- light Asurmen Blue wash (darker wash in crevices)
- Battlegrey/Black chipping

12-09-2012, 08:35
Looking good. Sad to hear that the rubber didnt hold the paint, hope you can make it work anyhow.

13-09-2012, 16:03
SDKFZ Thanks for your Interest btw! Naturally you are a great modeler, maybe you could give me pointers on large region painting....

so Ive sprayed the models using Tamiya Primer... and it was a bit windy so I had some grainy issues.
I also covered some outstanding rubber joints using tape/paper towel chunks to prevent spray. other rubber sections I scraped the paint off using a dull file

Ive had some issues getting a consistent Fortress Grey coat, its watered but I experiment with the water mix as I coat a region. I am fearful of bumpy streaks but wind up with inconsistent color. Multiple coats seems to clear it up.
The shoulders will be Orange, but the stripes in the pilot compartment are pure Blood Red. Padding is Khemri Brown. then washed with Devlan Mud

There are plenty of tiny imperfections to clean :(
After I wash the armor with light Asurmen Blue (which I need to practice before going over large regions) I want to add decals THEN weather the armor with chipping. I am going to use a black volcanic rock as a base, and will drill in a peg that attaches under the foot.

13-09-2012, 18:30
Well, only to happy to help. Question is what can i help you with ?

From your pictures i think it look good sofar. I cnat make out any of the grainyness you wrote about.
Do you paint with brushes or airbrush ?

Inside of the pod looks vey good. Great choice of colors.

17-09-2012, 05:22

I still have to coat the body and one leg with Asurmen Blue, but might stick with the crevaces, the gun arm and leg got some splotchy effects id like to avoid over the large body region.

the painting stage is almost complete, then decals and weathering, which I am really looking forward to. My pin-vice cannot penetrate the rock I wanted to use as a base, so I will just jam a peg into a crevace surrounded with "yellow stuff" sealed with glue, to plug his foot on. I also am going to use yellow stuff to create pads on the rock bottom to stabilize and be friendlier to tables.

17-09-2012, 05:35
Sweet model! Paintjob looks great, just wondering if there isn't a visor for the helmet as well?

17-09-2012, 06:48
Nope, didn't come with a visor or anything. Actually i didn't think about it but the helmet isn't glued (just stuck really tight) so its possible to use blisterpack to make one on the inside of the eye-hole...

17-09-2012, 07:46
Nope, didn't come with a visor or anything. Actually i didn't think about it but the helmet isn't glued (just stuck really tight) so its possible to use blisterpack to make one on the inside of the eye-hole...

My thought exactly, some kind of transparent plastic. I mean, when you've put so much effort into this model I think it would be a shame not to have a little detail like that appear on it as well. :-)

Really looking forward to seeing how it ends up, I dig this sort of retro sci-fi look that it's got. It reminds me of that film with Sam Rockwell - "Moon", and others.

25-09-2012, 09:29
It's been awhile since my last post... I was dreading the decal step though am looking forward to weathering. The Decals weren't too bad actually and the only ones i wrecked were the two in the previous pic.
The base has been stabilized and the foot peg goes down pretty far and is fixed even without GS though i crammed lots of that in too... peg is sprue, and then I drilled the foot hole as deep as was safe for the foot's integrity.

With Decals, thats about 30 decals, with the hip guards too

26-09-2012, 15:18
Like the look of him standing on that piece of rock. 30 decals ? Lots of work done there then. Good to hear that the
were in good shape then. :)

01-10-2012, 09:54
Great job! I've been seeing more and more of the Ma.K stuff popping up on teh Interwebz lately, so it's obviously coming back in fashion with all the dieselpunk excitement of AWW2 ranges like SotTR and DUST.

A fun final touch on this would have been to mount the asteroid fragment so that he was connecting to it through a hand rather than a foot, to give the impression of floating in space. But I guess this gives the "moonwalk" look instead.

Great job.

03-10-2012, 08:54
Each decal wasn't too difficult by itself, but lots of nudging back and fourth. Two of them Ive rubbed off later after long dry... so I'm not 100% on it.
And Precinctomega, my guess is that this new line of kits has only been out this year, the booklet is dated 2012. Hence it only emerging now. And as for the hand thingy, well he wouldn't hold up, his weight already starts pushing his joints around when held at different angles. If I had him break-dancing on the rock he would fall on his ass. :P

Here is how the weathering is going. I know, I should just get it over with, but my completion curve for projects always misses 100%... so here are some wip shots!


And sadly, no plastic visor has been attempted. Yet.

03-10-2012, 15:48
Turned out great, anyhow. Like the used look on it.