View Full Version : Newbie: 1. Overrun = charge bonuses? 2. Measuring statues 3. Resurrections

11-09-2012, 16:47
I am a new player that finished a 2v2 3000 points over the weekend (had a lot of fun too), and we came away with a few questions:

1. Do 'overruns' count as a charge if the winning combatants reach base-to-base with another enemy unit? Does that new enemy unit get a charge reaction?

2. Regarding the lasers from the 'sinister statue', would you measure it from the head of the model or the base? We used the head of the statue but I was wondering what the warseer community thinks.

3. Is there a limit on resurrecting dead models? For example, a unit of 3 Treekin loses one of them completely, and a caster with the 'throne of vines' spell in play uses a resurrection spell to bring back a fully dead Treekin model. Is that how it works (I am a newbie)?

4. Is there a max limit on how many skeletons that the Tomb Kings can ressurect, providing they have successful dice rolls and a magic focused list?

Thanks for your help, plan on playing another game today and an update would be fantastic. May the dice gods be with ya'll

11-09-2012, 16:59
1. Yes it counts as a charge in the next combat. , No they do not get a charge reaction.

2. Never use those rules, but it would be the base.

3. Yes, 1 Treekin.

4. The max for resurection would be the starting size of the unit. (Vampire Counts has a way to ignore that with Zombies and Master of Dead)