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Rogue Sun
12-09-2012, 04:38
So. I played a 3200 point Storm of Magic game against a Warriors of Chaos list last week and it was a bunch of fun. The highlight included a Wardancer Highborn taking down a fresh Exalted Khorne BloodThirster...in one round of combat. He ended up winning, but only just. We decided to bump it up to an even 3500 points for our next game in a few weeks, so naturally I'm coming up with lists already. I'm not looking to tailor build to beat him and I definitely enjoy thematic lists, so I came up with a pure combat army that would be more of an all comers list. I've got a total of 1 ranged attack and it's from the King of the Woods himself. :evilgrin:

The list:

Orion, The King in the Woods 575
- Horn of the Wild Hunt
- Spear of Kurnous
- Cloak of Isha
- The Hawk’s Talon

Highborn 300
- Wild Rider Kindred
- Great Stag
- Oaken Armor
- Dragon Bane Gem
- Windcatcher’s Prism [150]

Branch Wraith 90
- A Cluster of Radiants

Noble 205
- Wild Rider Kindred
- Great Stag
- The Dawnspear
- Dragonhelm

Noble 210
- Wild Rider Kindred
- Great Stag
- The Spear of Twilight
- Helm of the Hunt

CORE 1133
28 WildRiders 809
- Full Command
- Razor Banner

9 Dryads 108

9 Dryads 108

9 Dryads 108


5 Treekin 325

5 Treekin 325

5 Treekin 325

TOTAL: 3488

WindCatcher’s Prism 150
- Highborn

Fimir Balefiend (lvl 3) 215
- Lore of Shadow

TruthSayer (lvl3) 245
- Lore of Life

TruthSayer (lvl3) 245
- Lore of Beasts

Obviously a very different take on most Wood Elf lists. The idea is to have Orion and the 2 Nobles lead the 5 Treekin units (1 each) -OR- they can form up on themselves and make a dangerous Character unit.

The Highborn is designed to lead the Wild Rider Hammer/Anvil/Thingy providing the buffs of the Windcatcher Prism to the unit. If Lore of Beasts becomes ascendant the Wild Riders gain Frenzy and Hatred, which actually puts them into the realm of dangerous on the charge! :eek: Essentially the Windcatcher Prism allows them to do much more than they normally could, and with M9 on the unit it'll be good times. Plus I've never seen a cavalry horde. ;)

Branch Wraith with Cluster + Orion's Cloak of Isha gives me 3 free dispel dice a turn, which is always nice.

The Dryads attack where they can but also block charge lanes cause they're cheap enough to do so but pack a punch.

Treekin do what Treekin do best: everything. :D

SO...I'm 12 points short, but that's because I'm 10 points over on my Storm of Magic bound items. My opponent has said that's no big deal so long as I sacrifice 10 points of my army. The three mages give me the magic support I need in SoM. Beasts will be fantastic for this list, but Flesh to Stone on the Wild Riders could be pretty horrendous too. Lore of Shadow has some great debuffs and one great buff for the Wild Riders (Okkams) so it seemed like a better lore choice than Fire.

Thoughts, comments, concerns?

12-09-2012, 14:59
I love Storm of Magic as it takes the pressure off of trying to win and you can enjoy a fun random game.
I guess if you are going for more combat than trying to use magic to help win... I have had great results using the Mythic artifact that allows you to create new trees every round and then all trees count as blood forests, it murders everything on the table when you cast tree singing on the new blood forests springing up everywhere.
Do you plan on using the dryads to attack the enemy or to try to protect your own fulcrums? Depending on what the enemy sends out to attack with they might be able to do it.