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12-09-2012, 09:50
Hello Warseers,

Can anyone theroize what happens to detachements if their parent unit of 20 models depolys in the watchtower in the same scenario.

Rulebook is no help and there is no errata. Only thing that could come close is Skaven weapons teams, however that doesnt enlighten me slightly.

We came up with a few ideas

1) Unit cant be deployed in the Building
2) Detachments deploy as regular units but placed at the same time as the parent unit
3) Detachment deploys outside the building 3" away

Open forum so i dont expect a definate yes or no , but any thoughts would be great

12-09-2012, 11:17
Two points:
First, number three is right out; no part of the watchtower scenario or the detachment rules allow you to deploy outside your deployment zone except in the singular case of the garrison. Any detachments it has are not covered as they are separate units.

Second, number two is also not an option; detachments must be deployed within 3" of the parent unit. There is no way to dynamically declare them to be regular units once they've been chosen as detachments.

So, we must conclude that either option one is the solution, or come up with another. Personally I prefer to leave it at that; garrisoning the tower is an option and no-one ever seems to care that other armies can make all of their core units ineligible to garrison by making them too big or by simply not choosing any core infantry.

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Oh god don't remind us of that mess of thread T10.. *haha*

@ Thyphs:
Mr_Rose laid down the text rather splendidly for you, I'd say.

12-09-2012, 19:44
Can't deploy in the tower obviously.
The detachments HAVE to be deployed within 3" of the parent unit, but have no clause saying they get to be deployed outside of a deployment zone.

12-09-2012, 21:00
Yep it was as i thought - Thanks T10 for that thread, i did a search but not on the correct wording. that part cleared it up to at least form an opinion that the parent unit cant go in the tower.