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15-09-2012, 21:29
If I have a unit of Knights of the Realm with full command and a Paladin with the Battle Standard, which of the four models goes to the second rank?

I'm painting up my models right now and want to make sure the knights are all matched with the correct horses so they can physically fit together on the movement tray, and need to know who will be on that horse in the second rank. Thank you!

15-09-2012, 21:37
The Bret's rules require characters in the 1st rank save for wizards which go in the center of the 2nd rank and the center of the 3rd.

The order of who goes back does not matter by the rules. You choose. I personally would do the musician. The musician still works the if not in the front rank. (Bret's book pg 40)

15-09-2012, 21:38
The Musician will be sent to the second rank.

If you add additional Paladins or Lords they will further displace Command figures in order: Musician, Standard, champion.

This is an explicit aversion of the normal rules which state that Command figures must be placed in the front rank wherever possible.

15-09-2012, 21:38
You displace any command, which work as normal in subsequent ranks.

I'de displace the musician personally.

16-09-2012, 22:23
Note that they keep working normally as if the front rank as per Bretonnian lance rules.

17-09-2012, 21:53
And, as such, you want to make sure all 3 mounts for your command characters will fit behind something (i.e. don't use those STUPID "can't reach the carrot" heads that lean way off the front). Yeah, you might not be planning on doing the "3 jerks up front" thing, but you may also find yourself forgetting about the guy with the horn when he's in back and decide you'd rather stick the banner in the second rank instead (as that's a little easier to spot when you're tallying things up), or you just think it looks better that way.

18-09-2012, 14:24
those STUPID "can't reach the carrot" heads that lean way off the front).

I call that one 'photo finish'.