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15-09-2012, 23:53
hey guys :D

decided on this 2000 point list;

grey seer, dispel scroll, foul pendant, sklam

chieftain, bsb, obsidian loadstone

warlock engineer, doom rocket

warlock engineer, brass orb

20 clan rats, banner, shields

25 clan rats, banner

3 units of 50 slaves

26 gutter runners, poisoned, slings

2 warp lightning cannons

2 doom wheels

Cant decide to have the gutter runners in two units of 13 (just for the skaveny number) or a unit of 8 and two units of 9, that or take some out for 40 plague monks with the plague banner


16-09-2012, 03:11
I like the grey seer, not a huge skalm fan but it's not bad by any means. You don't really need to obsidian loadstone, but again your call. The engineers are good. The clanrat units are way to small, 30 minimum, 35 preferred unless you use one as a seer/bsb bunker. slave units are good. 26 gutter runners is a bit ridiculous and I think illegal, pretty sure 15 is the max unit size. 2x9 with slings and poison is a much better option and can free up some points for your clan rats. 2 cannons are good. I like the HPA more but 2 doom wheels are less seen (people can under estimate or not know how to hand them) so will give you a little more of a tatical edge.

Some general advice I see:
dropping the gutter runners to 2x9 saves you 144 points, and another bunch for the obsidian loadstone buy command and buff up your clanrat units.
I would try and fit a warpfire thrower in too, works wonders against ogres, hydras, HPA, crypt horrors, etc
you 100% need to add 2-3 rat dart units, you lack any redirection units. They are so cheap and a must have in ANY skaven list

hope it helped :)

16-09-2012, 04:18
hey thanks for the reply,

I tend to find the loadstone really good as last time i went i only lost 1 game due to death magic and its quite common. The clan rat units are not meant for combat so 20 for the building and 25 for characters works fine and yeah 26 seems like a lot of gutter runners but if you play a game with that many you'll find out how damaging it can be. As for hellpits they are really good, probably the best monster in the game nearly, just you see fire everywhere so they tend to die and doom wheels are amazing for their points, especially when u get two instead of one hellpit. and the 2 warlocks are my redirecting units. =]

16-09-2012, 07:38
Has the errata changed the maximum size gutter runner unit? My army book has it at 15 which may decide things for you.

I would leave the Gutter Runners as is. Your strategy for this army seems pretty clear and plague monks would just muddle things. Sit back, hold up with slaves and shoot/magic the army into submission.
I hope there are no sportsmanship scores for this event because this sort of non-engagement army tends to annoy people a great deal.

I notice you include Lincoln on your location. Ever been to Gobstyks? We meet every Thursday at St Martins church on Garmston street.

17-09-2012, 13:58
errr i said in my post about the gutter runners, i'm not going over the max unit size.

17-09-2012, 18:50
In which cas how you split them is up to you. Units of 13 should take out a war machine on the turn they appear, units of 8 or 9 have about a 50/50 chance of taking them out. 3 units increases your chance of at least 1 unit appearing turn 2 but also increases the chance of panic if they take casualties. Smaller units more versatile, bigger units hit harder. You are going to have have to make that decision yourself. Practice games always help IMO.