View Full Version : Siren Song vs. Steam Tank

16-09-2012, 13:33
I have a game later this afternoon Daemons vs. Empire

90% sure my opponent will have a Steam Tank possibly two. My question is "Does my Herald have to be in the Steam Tank's front arc to Siren Song it?"

The rule states target must be able to make a legal charge.

Steam Tank can pivot on spot, declare charge and then goes X number of inches based on the number of steam points.

Is this correct?

16-09-2012, 13:36
You can't use Siren Song on the Steam Tank at all.
The Steam Tank doesn't Charge like a normal unit - is why.
Sorry to bring you such bad news. ;)

16-09-2012, 21:15
New steam tank is Random Movement d6 (per steam pt I think?), no longer 3" per steam point spent.

Can't use Siren Song on Random Movement as they can't declare charges.