View Full Version : 2000pt Beastmen Army for a Tourny Next Year.

Stabby Dave
17-09-2012, 04:07
Hey guys, so me and a group of friends are planning on going to Throne of Skulls in March 2013 and to mix it up a bit we decided to draw armies from a hat. I drew Beastmen. Now I know nothing about Beastmen at all, never played with them, only played against them once or twice when the book came out and havent really seen them about since. So I sat down with the book and done my best to write a decent list with my lack of knowledge of the army. This is what I came up with:


Great Bray-Shaman(200), Level 4(35), Talisman of Preservation(45), Dispel Scroll(25) - 305

Beastlord(145), Blackened Plate(20), Additional Hand Weapon(8) - 173


Wargor(85), Battle-Standard Bearer(25), Beast Banner(75), Scaly Hide(15), Heavy Armour(4), Shield(2) - 206


48 Gor(336), Additional Hand Weapons(48), Full Command(25) - 409

Tuskgor Chariot(80) - 80

Tuskgor Chariot(80) - 80


29 Bestigor(348), Standard(12), Champion(12), Banner of Eternal Flame(10) - 382

5 Harpies(55) - 55

5 Harpies(55) - 55

Razorgor Chariot(145) - 145

Razorgor(55) - 55

Razorgor(55) - 55

Total - 2000

So that's what I came up with, I feel its very obvious and quite point and click but without knowing anything about Beastmen I cant think of much else that wont just fall over if someone breathes even slightly heavy on it.
Basically the plan was put the Beastlord in with the Beastigor, the Shaman and the BSB in with the (over-sized?) Gor, put the chariots together and hopefully wreak some havoc with them, the Harpies just to be general nuisances or throw on top of a mangler and the Razorgor just incase I need to play deployment shenanagins or make sure there is something at the flank of my bigger units.
All CC is welcome and I shall read everything each one of you post and take it all into account.
Thanks guys and look forward too hearing from you all :)


17-09-2012, 15:13
What does the beast banner do again? And I wouldn't relly on your tuskgor chariots doing much. A unit of ambushing gor's/ungors is always a good unit to have just to annoy warmachine crew and the like. I'm not sure if it called this or not but the banner of rust for the -2 to armour save is always a good bet to have especially on your big block as it makes them pretty scary.