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17-09-2012, 12:59
Ramhorn helm states if for every armor save the bearer makes, they may immediately make a bonus attack at their normal streangth. If the bear is hit and wounded by something with 2 or more attacks and the (Heroic) Killing Blow, with at least one of the wounds being a 6, does the bearer still make an armor save against those that were not 6's?
Example a bret lord with the Heroic Killing Blow vow charges my Ramhorn fitted Doombull, hit and wounds with all 4 (I think they have 4) attacks, rolling 5,5,5,6 do I take armor saves against the 5's potentionally hitting, wounding/killing him in return before my Doombull is removed? I know the 6 just means my Doombull is dead, but do the other wounds count, potentionally killing both of them?

17-09-2012, 13:13
Since the excess wounds count for the purpose of overkill, then you would be allowed to make armour saves against them. Technically all wounds are resolved simutaneously so you'd take armour saves.

Provided I've got that right, then I'd see no reason the helm shouldn't work.

17-09-2012, 13:32
I just imagine the Bretonnian Lord running the doombull through the heart. Then in his dying act the doombull headbutting the lord's skull into mush.
Fluffwise I say yes. Rules wise it says immediately so yes again.

Ready for eternal war!

17-09-2012, 14:53
AngelofSorrow - for that wonderful mental image I gift you 1000 internets. Thank you, sir