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17-09-2012, 14:10
This was my first time using Phoenix Guard unit in the game, and I wanted to test them in this game against skaven.
Points limit was 2,500pts and the scenario was battleline.
Rosters of both sides are shown below.

High Elves


Noble(BSB, GW, AoC, GP)

10 Archers(FC)
35 LSG(FC, Banner of Eternal Flame)

6 SM(Musician)
6 SM(Musician)
24 PG(FC, Amulet of Light, Banner of Sorcery)
8 DP(Banner of Ellyrion, Musician)



Grey Seer on Bell

Plague Priest on Furnace
Chieftain BSB
Vanilla Chieftain with halberd
Warlock Engineer with Doomrocket

20 Clanrats - Warpfire Thrower
20 Clanrats - Warpfire Thrower
20 Stormvermins - Warpfire Thrower
40 Skavenslaves
50 Skavenslaves
50 Skavenslaves

20 Plague Monks


Deployments are shown in pictures below.



Teclis chose lore of shadow(the gaming club allowed teclis to choose his lore after deployment but before deciding who gets first turn),
while grey seer had curse of horned rat(13th spell), and rest of the spells from plague lore.
However, only the 6th spell of the plague lore was ever successfully cast during the game.

Turn 1 - Skaven


All units marched forward. The seer spent 6 power dice to cast curse of horned rat to PG, but fails to meet casting value.
The magic phase ends immediately and there was no shooting as WFT(Warpfire Thrower) had move or fire special rule)

Turn 1 - High Elves


Skaven activated storm banner and eagles were unable to fly.
PG swift reforms while two units of SM move forward.

Magic sees Withering(reducing T by 2)ssfully cast into plague monk block.
Shooting saw LSG putting a wound on furnace while archers on High Elves' right killed one WFT.
RBTs in the left failed to kill any other WFT.

Turn 2 - Skaven


The storm banner was deactivated at the start of the turn.
All units move as much as they can. The plague furnace however failes dangerous test and was destroyed.

Magic sees almost no effect, while WFT near stormvermin kills 3 SMs. The SMs however pass panic test.

Turn 2 - High Elves


SMs at the left(now only 3 models left) charges stormvermin and was successful.
Another SM unit at the center declare charge aginst clanrat unit in front of bell.
The clanrats however flees through the bell, and the SM unit redirects charge to plague monks, again successfully charging.

Eagle at the left moves to interrupt one of the slave unit, while the one at the right moves to interdict HPA.

Magic sees enfeebling foe cast at the plague monks, who now strike at strength 1.

At shooting phase, archers failed to wound HPA, while one the RBTs shot single S6 bolt at the bell,
inflicting one wound at the seer.

Close combat sees SM at center killing plague priest and 4~5 plague monks, who in return kills 2~3 SM.
The plague monks lose and pass break test, but lose frenzy.
SMs at the left inflicted a wound at vanilla chieftain and killed some more stormvermins.
The combat however ended in stalemate.

Turn 3 - Skaven



HPAs charge eagle and the archers.
Magic is again ineffective, and so was the shooting.

During close combat, the eagle was killed outright by impact hits and HPA overruns.
Another HPA which charged the archers however suffer two unsaved wounds.
The archers broke and fled, and the HPA pursued the fleeing archers off the table.

SMs fighting stormvermin kills chieftain and some more stormvermins, and were wiped out.
SMs at the center however killed some more plague monks to 10 models, while plague monks killed
all but a musician. The combat ends in stalemate.

Turn 3 - High Elves


Dragon Princes charge one of the skavenslave units, starting close combat that will grind both sides until the end of game.

Magic sees Withering cast successfully at HPA which overran eagle.
Okkam's Mindrazor was cast at PG to prepare for the charge of another HPA which will return to table next turn.

LSG shot HPA on the table, inflicting 4 wound with their flaming arrows and one of the RBTs finished off the HPA.
The other RBT killed the WFT near stormvermin.

Close combat sees dragon princes slaughtering the slaves, who however remain steadfast and pass break test.

Turn 4 - Skaven


Stormvermin charges the remaining eagle whereas plague monks charge LSG successfully.
HPA returned to the table and smashed into the flank of PG.

Magic sees little effect. And so was shooting.

Close combat saw HPA killing 9 PG, who failed their solid 4+ ward save with strange misfortune of dice.
The PG with their mindrazor however inflicts two unsaved wounds to HPA. PG then successfully perform combat reform
so that their front is facing HPA.

Stormverming meanwhile killed the eagle and overran.
Teclis issued challenge to plague monk champion, who accepted and was cut down by enchanted blade of Teclis.
The LSG then wipes out the plague monks and overrun.
Dragon Princes again won combat but lost two riders thanks to unbelievably lucky dice rolls of slaves
and unbelievably unlucky dice roll of dragon princes.

Turn 4 - High Elves


LSG swift reformed so that their file consisted of 7 models.
Fearing that the stormverming might charge LSG's rear, Teclis casts mindrazor on LSGs,
while casting withering on HPA, whose Toughness was reduced to 3.

Shooting saw some stormvermins falling to ground by bolts from RBT battery.

The PG destroys the HPA while losing 9 of their comrades to strangely unlucky dice rolls.
Dragon Princes loses combat by slight margin(again, rolling too many 1's when rolling for armour save)
but pass break test.

Turn 5 - Skaven

I haven't took photos of this turn.

Stormvermin charges the rear of LSG successfully while the slave unit next to the slave unit
fighting dragon princes charge the dragon princes.

Skaven magic finally proved devastating, casting 6th spell(T-test for every model in the unit. Ignores armour save and may 'jump'
to another enemy unit in 12" on roll of 5~6) with IF which kills about 20 LSG.(Again, my rolls were strangely awful)

However, the miscast caused S10 small template to fall on the seer, who suffers one unsaved wound and kills
5~6 of the rats. The bell also took an unsaved wound.

Bell rang this time and the result was Deafening Peal, meaning all models with T7 or better suffer a wound with Multiple Wounds(D3) rule.
One of the RBT was destroyed. Another survived, but failed panic test.

Shooting phase finally saw doomrocket going off. It hit 15 Phoenix guard and wounded 13 models.
The Dice God however failed me and I failed 10 rolls for ward save. Only 3 PG remain with BSB.

LSG lost close combat by small margin and passed break test while dragon princes won combat against two blocks of
slaves but alas some more rolled 1's for their armour save and only two remained. Slaves passed break test again.

LSG conducts combat reform so that they are facing stormvermins directly.

Turn 5 - High Elves


Picture was taken at the end of turn.

PG charges the flank of the stormvermin.

Magic sees miasma cast on clanrat unit without the bell. Their M was reduced to 2 inches.
Enfeebling Foe was cast on slaves whose Strength is now 1.

Close combat saw stormvermin unit destroyed.
Dragon Princes still held.

Turn 6 - Skaven

Again, I forgot to take picture this turn.

Slaves charge LSG.

Magic again sees 6th plague spell cast with irresistible force, and there were only 10 LSG left.
The seer however loses his final wound and dies, along with some of his underlings as S10 large tamplate hits his unit.

Although the LSG won the combat and saw slaves failing break test(with their general dead, they had to test on Ld5),
one of the slaves rolled 6 to wound when attacking Teclis, robbing him of his final wound.
(He already lost two due to plague spell)
Dragon Princes still held.

Turn 6 - High Elves

Seeing no hope as Teclis was killed, I conceded victory to Skaven Player.


After caculating victory points afterward, I found an astonishingly awful truth.


High Elves
: Around 1,400pts
(Plague Furnace, 2 HPA, 2 WFT, Stormvermin unit, Plague monk unit, 2 banners worth 25pts each, 100pts for dead seer)

: 1,127pts
(Teclis, Archers and their banner, 2 SM units, RBT, 2 GE, 100pts for Teclis who was the general)

If I had a moment to calm down and use calculator, I could've won the game even without doing anything at the last turn of the game.
But at that time I was so traumatized by the loss of Teclis and lost all hope, conceding victory to Skaven player.

Of course, there were moments where I could've acted wiser.
One thing was putting the eagle on my left near the slaves.

I intended to prevent them from charging the
flank of DPs who were sent to tie up another slave unit, but I found out that they
had to charge the front side of my DP! If I had looked more carefully at how they were aligned,

I could've used that eagle to interrupt the movement of stormvermins, preventing them from hitting the rear of
LSG and buying time for the LSG to charge the seer's block.

Or perhaps I could've deployed the LSG at my right flank and the PG at the center,
DPs at uttermost right and 2 SMs at the left flank. This might have resulted in PG block boldly
charging toward seer block while SMs and eagles interrupt slaves and stormvermins, with
LSG block decimating HPA with flaming arrows and withering.

While there were some very unlucky dice rolls for me(dragon princes rolling 1's for their armour save, PG failing their ward save too much),
I still think conceding victory too early was my big mistake. Maybe, I should at least have a moment for some caculation in next games.

17-09-2012, 14:34
Maybe you could try playing without the crutch that is teclic! Seeing as you are relying so much in him you concede just because he die when you were actually leading! :wtf:

17-09-2012, 14:40
Never give up never surrender, always play to the last turn!

17-09-2012, 14:59
What has been said - Never give up and never surrender! Don't pin your hopes on Teclis! (or the book) because, as I HE player that uses neither and has beaten both, there's plenty of stuff to kill them.

You played a decent game, though your luck was fairly even as the Skaven player had several turns of ineffective magic (though I think plague jumps to any unit, not just friendly - I'd check that as I'm not 100%).

You didn't seem to capitlaise on your magic. You got -T up on the plague monks, you should have hammered them with shooting! S3 shooting against a weakened unit would have been effective! Still, I wasn't there (nor can I load photos at work). Major lesson is that you shouldn't back down. Teclis, whilst powerful, represents a risk given his defensive abilities and that risk should be calculated. He was worth near 600 VPs (general + points) so it's easy to tot up your loss. I tend to play a game then worry about result after. I've won games by large VP gaps with hardly any models left on the table (all units still having models left) and I've lost in similar situations. Sometimes a game, even if you win by 1000's of VPs won't feel like a win.

Still, I've never called a game until the turns were over or I was wiped out. There's always small victorys to be won, even with that last Swordsmaster champion and his potion of strength....

17-09-2012, 17:14
nice rep and as said, never give up! (and +1 for dropping teclis)

now nag your skaven friend to get painting!

17-09-2012, 18:22
Finally, Teclis died. Heard that, all of you? He's dead, so he can't be used anymore, by anyone, in the whole world... Joy Joy.
Sorry, had to get it out of my system. Thanks for the report, it was a good read.

17-09-2012, 23:04
Great report, tho I too am not a fan of teclis as people in general rely on him too much.

Question tho the plague furnace failed a dangerous terrain test and died? Its not a chariot so should only of taken a single wound ( if I'm wrong please correct me).

Your list is fine tho I would maybe drop a few dragon princes for a lv 4 with book if you wish and a lv 2 for some different lores, fire and shadow always fun.

19-09-2012, 22:12
I found, throught experiance, that lore of shadows in not very good against skaven. maybe lore of fire. and spit some templates here and there.

cool battle report.

21-09-2012, 07:57
Never give up never surrender, always play to the last turn!

hear hear!

29-09-2012, 18:29
Nice to see teclis dead:P hate that basterd.... but nice battlereport;)