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17-09-2012, 18:02
Hi! I'm about to buy some of the nice trolls from Forgeworld so I made a new list and I would like some advices and opinions about how I can make it better :)


Father Magorian Blight, the Hero of Legend (Goes with Halberd Warriors)
Level 4 Wizard, Nurgle, Palanquin
Armour of Destiny, Necrotic Phylactery, Filth Mace
Distendable Maw [475 pts]

Madictus the Tormented (Should be Halberd Warriors)
Level 2 Wizard, Death
Infernal Puppet, Ironcurse Icon
Conjoined Homonculus [180 pts]

The Sacred Bearer (Babysits the Trolls)
Nurgle, Shield, Halberd, Daemonic Mount
The Book of Secrets, Power Familiar
Stream of Corruption [259 pts]


The Plagued Ones
Chaos Warriors x20, Nurgle,
Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion
Halberds, Shields, Wailing Banner [450 pts]

The Plagued Ones
Chaos Warriors x20, Nurgle,
Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion,
Great Weapons, Banner of Rage [435 pts]


Bile Trolls
Chaos Trolls x5 [225 pts]


The Shrine of Nurgle
Chaos Warshrine, Nurgle [160 pts]

Hellcannon [205 pts]

Total = 2398 pts

17-09-2012, 18:15
Urm what Marauder's? And what does the filth mace do again? would it not be more nurgle-ly to give him the blade of if i would you, you become str and t2? or is that the same one

17-09-2012, 18:50
Sry, my mistake on the first one. Filth Mace gives poisoned attacks and Terror after the first kill, I think it's pretty Nurgly, because of the Filth :p The weapon you think about is Glaive of Putrefaction.

17-09-2012, 19:08
I think you forgot to put a battle standard on the exalted (away from my book right now, so can't calculate points properly, but off memory it looks like you have. And if you hven't even put it on him, I'd probably try to find point for it since BSB's are invaluable.

Your level 4's a few too many points for my liking, but to be fair, I like running almost naked ones, so my opinion here's pretty much invalid.

Halberd shields would work better than great weapons on the second warrior unit IMO, but I'm guessing you've already got then made, so you can't really change that.

Personally, in a nurgle theme list, I always like to see some ogres just for their sheer amount of onversion oppurtunities, but it's easy to see why you wouldn't want them.

In a god themed list, IMO, a warshrine is a must, if not even two, so it's nice to see you've included one :)

I might be half tempted to drop the hellcannon for points, but then I'm not too sure what to spend those points on.

Otherwise, looking good mate :)

17-09-2012, 19:35
Yes, I have a battle standard on the exalted. I thought it was pretty obvious considering the name :)

I'm able to change weapon as I want because we are not so hard on WYSIWYG, but I took the Great Weapons because we have a special rule in our group that we call Regiment of Renown which allows us after a couple of fights upgrade our units to "RoR". With this upgrade the champion is given +1 Attack, Str, WS, W and BS, the unit is allowed to buy a Magic Standard up to 50 pts if it wasn't already, the champion can buy a magic item up to 25 pts if he wasn't already able to and lastly the unit may choose one of the following special rules. They will always have this rule. Devastating Charge, Armor Piercing, Always Strike First, Terror, Ignores Cover or Flaming and Magical attacks (note that the last choice is both flaming and magical attacks, also this bonus applies to both melee and ranged attacks).

But the unit can never change it's equipment after being upgraded and must always be included in the army list if the points allows it and it's kinda expensive to upgrade. I can upgrade the troll if I want to too. :p

I like the idea of the ogres but on the paper I don't think they are good.

I love my warshrine but only that was very expensive and took very long time to make it so I won't build a new one for a while. :p