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18-09-2012, 07:33

in two weeks time I have a 40k tournament coming up and I am torn between my sisters and daemons.

the tournament is only 1000 points, making sisters still a valid choice since the game is still small to make faith points useful. 6th edition wasn't so bad on sisters especially the fact I can flame when charged, Saint celestine and some seraphim will give some hard kicking.

But daemons, a recent army I started collecting, have a higher chance in winning the game, although the options I have for them is low and limited since I bought only the models I like the look rather than how it plays might come on a downside. Building a 1000 point sister army is simple since I have been playing them for 3 years, daemons weren't tested even once so, I need help in building a list for them.

This is what I have in my daemons army:

30 bloodletters
1 changeling(sorcerer of tzeentch\herald)
20 pink horrors
6 screamers
1 exalted chariot of slaanesh \ 2 chariots(Not assembled...yet...)
10 demonettes
5 seekers of slaanesh.

I got a bit of everything except nurgle(next on my list :P)

by the way, Sister list will be more like this.



Battle sister squad
2x Flamer, Rhino
Battle sister squad
2x Melta, Rhino

Fast Attack

Seraphim Squad
7 Seraphim, 2x hand flamers, Power Axe

Heavy Support

Storm Bolter
Storm Bolter

Retributor Squad
4x Heavy bolters

Total - 1000

anyway I would be more than glad to get some help.


18-09-2012, 07:44
If you continue to pursue daemons, you need to fill out your elites. They are the best units in the codex (ignoring beasts of nurgle)

18-09-2012, 15:20
Sisters needs more dominions :)

If you're comfortable with sisters and want to give it your best shot at winning, take sisters. If you want to get 3-4 games in a day in an have a giggle, take demons.