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18-09-2012, 09:33
Having got a new job, and with minimal outgoings (at the moment) I went nuts and got a Skaven army off of eBay. As well add the odd bit from Warseer. Following that, I've come up with a Skaven list. As I've no experience in fantasy, could anyone who does help me out with it? Any major flaws etc

Grey Seer = 240
Chieftan - Bsb, shroud of dripping death = 92
Plague Priest - Furnace, flail, dispell scroll = 279
Engineer - level 1 upgrade, doomrocket = 95

30 Clanrats - sheilds, command = 155
30 Clanrats - sheilds, command, poison wind mortar = 220
30 Clanrats - sheilds, command, spears, ratling gun = 225
19 Stormvermin - champ, musician, shield = 167
6 giant rats & 1 packmaster = 26
6 giant rats & 1 packmaster = 26
6 giant rats & 1 packmaster = 26

25 monks - command = 200
4 Ratogres & 2 packmasters = 176

Hellpit - warpstone spikes


So what are my thoughts behind this?

The 3 giant rat packs are basically so I can be a sneaky sod during deployment. Has my enemy set something up to counter a unit of mine in a place I don't like? Awesome, I should be able counter his counter now. Also, they should be helpful in breaking / holding up charging arcs and being character / engine hunters as well.

Monks to push furnace.

BsB in with stormvermin. These to go hunting.

Clanrats are my tar pits. Will probably put grey seer in one unit. Associated weapon teams will help kill a few enemy before the fight begins.

Rat ogres and hellpit to be my counter / flank attack units.

Engineer, to be an annoyance.

I've no kit on my grey seer as I've no idea what to put on him. Any suggestions? What do you think of my list?

18-09-2012, 13:42
Firstly your stormvermin unit is too small by far, it needs to be at least 35. Swap 60 clanrats for slaves, use the 30 remaining as a bunker for your grey seer and BSB (drop his magic banner also). If you can boost your plague monks to 40 also and give them the plague banner. Rat ogres are a funny one, they can be great but they can really struggle against high Initiative armies so its up to you but I would take at least 6, preferably more if you really want to take them. I personnally would give your grey seer a ward save and nothing else. Might be worth giving the Plague priest the -1 to hit item I cant remember what its called, shadow of magnet something or other. The main thing is you need more bodies! More slaves, more stormvermin and more monks! If you dont have the models though im not sure what to suggest!!

Yay 100 posts!

19-09-2012, 07:27
OK. Thanks for the feedback. How about this?

Grey Seer: Talismen of Protection, Pistol = 263
Chieftan: BsB, Shroud of Dripping Death, Pistol = 100
Plague Priest: Furnace, Flail, Dispell = 279
Engineer: Level 1, DoomRocket, Pistol = 103

45 Slaves: sheilds, command = 118.5
45 Slaves: sheilds, command = 118.5
40 Clanrats: sheilds, spears, command, warpfire = 290
6 Giant Rats & packmaster = 26
6 Giant Rats & packmaster = 26
6 Giant Rats & packmaster = 26

40 Monks: command = 305
5 Rat Ogres & 3 Packmaster: 1 Master-Bred Ogre = 239

Hellpit & warpstone spikes = 250
Warpfire Cannon = 90

Managed to put another 50 bodies on the field. Better or worse?

19-09-2012, 15:06
It is better but I still have some suggestions. The talisman of protection is not worth the points on your grey seer. Statistically, it will do nothing in half the games you use it in. The 30 points for a Foul Pendant are much better spent as that will statistically grant the grey seer an extra wound per battle.

You gave your chieftan a magical standard that only works in close combat but he's got no protection. Spend the measly 2 points to buy this guy a shield at the very least! In fact, I would advice against this banner because quite frankly, you have no combat units. he has nowhere to go where his banner is going to be particularly useful. I'd swap it out with a banner that doesn't require him to stick his neck out (storm banner is always good).

With a grey seer and a plague priest, I can't imagine you'll have many power dice left over for your Engineer to cast any spells. Don't bother making him a level 1 wizard and save the 50 points. If he hits anything with that doom rocket or pistol he'll earn his points back and then some.

Spears on clanrats are a waste. They 2-3 extra kills they will get you are not worth the 2-3 extra dead clanrats that will occur because you don't have a parry save. Save 20 points there and use hand weapons.

I'm kind of missing that storm vermin unit and I don't really feel like the block of 40 clanrats has a purpose that slaves wouldn't fill. The biggest problem I see with your army is that you have 3 things that are scary. monks + furnace, rat ogres, and the hellpit. The issue is that 2/3 of those things are frenzied. A Savy opponent is going to shoot up the hellpit and lead your 2 scary units around the field so they can't get in meaningful combats. A second non-frenzied unit that can actually do some damage would be ideal.