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19-09-2012, 09:03

Few days ago I decided that I'll convert my eldar stuff into eldar Corsairs, mainly because I like the modelling oportunities the Corsair list has and they're style is more to my liking.
However, I find that most of times I can't fit even half of the stuff I want to my lists and in general I feel a bit lost here, so I figured I'd ask for opinions/help.
So the general idea is to make an themed army, that looks cool, has some cool stuff and still works at least somehow. It doesn't have to be a tournament winner or anything like that

Here's the "scetch" of my list, basicly it has the stuff I want to have.

something like:
Corsair prince, power weapon, fusion pistol, shimmer shield
with 5 blade sworn with power weapons and haywire granades in venom with spirit stones
and TWO of these. they'd work like one unit basicly. and I'd get to use the bombardment twice, which is nice. most importantly, awesome modelling opportunities.

some jetpack corsairs with eml's. and some jetpack corsair with shuricen catapults and flamers(that deepsrtike).
some wasps(I have nice models for these already).
some jetbikes, these could work as moving shield for venoms, and doing the usual jetbike thing.

Nightwing, I have nice conversion planned for this as well. other than that, I guess its ok.

Finally, two warp hunters. Well these I'm not so fond of as models, but I do understand that they're awesome rule wise. However, two at most, I don't want to spam these either.

Do you think this kind of list could work? Mostly I'm worried that as half of the army can stay out of the harms way and other half can't, enemy can just focus on other part easily, until I have just 5 man jetpack squads left.
Opinions are most welcome.

19-09-2012, 10:04
Well, princes are imo decent, though mostly for the bombardment - either a turn of night-fighting (so you get a round of maneuvering or limit an enemy's shooting after you just shot in your turn) or the damage one. Other than that they don't seem all that impressive - basically autarch-equivalents with different wargear options. Bladesworm I'm less solid at. Do you want to pay 30-ish points for a S3, T3 model with mediocre armor, even with a power weapon? I'm not sure.

Corsairs and wasps are great. Jetpack corsairs are my favourite thing in the list - a jetpack troop choice with good firepower and mobility; with all the DSing you can do it's a great schtick for the army, a bit like a shooting version of a Descent of Angels BA list. Jetbikes are decent, although without a warlock for embolden they may be a little prone to leadership failure. Getting a felarch may be a good idea. For the point difference, they seem to be better than the ones in the CW list. However, you'll essentially be running a hybrid jetpack infantry/jetbike list, and it may take some practice to gel the two components right.

Nightwings are good, although I'm not sure what is the final verdict on what their holo-fields do. Still, they are good at AA duty and can do some damage against ground targets. Just be careful of mass shooting - 2 HPs at AV 10 IS fragile. Hornets can also work great in the FA slots if you need additional firepower, but nightwings are pretty much your best AA bet and can do a few things hornets can't.

In the HS slots, the warp hunter is the clear winner. It's not a matter of spam when the list just doesn't offer all that many options - and one of them, the firestorm, is a complete dud. The hunter can function both hanging back and getting in close, no one appreciates an AP 2 template that wounds on 2+.

19-09-2012, 11:20
For the price of a Warp Hunter you get a 4 shot 48" pulse Hornet. That's what you fill up FA with!

If I could field Corsair Troops and FA with CWE HQ and Elites, I would. That would be 6e Eldar lol.

19-09-2012, 13:05
If I could field Corsair Troops and FA with CWE HQ and Elites, I would. That would be 6e Eldar lol.

Corsair troops are quite decent, imo. Corsairs have BS 4, different loadouts, and a fair amount of special/heavy weapons. You can also give them jetpacks, which is all kinds of awesome. Wasps are JSJ walkers, jetbikes are probably better-ish than CWE ones and, well, jetbike troops can do quite a lot of things. Shuriken catapults and lasblasters could be better, but you can have fun with the corsair list.

And yes, hornets are definitely a great choice. D-cannons are pretty good for tackling AV 13 and 14 though.

19-09-2012, 14:21
Okay, thanks for tips.
I made this cute small 750 pts listto try out things. Also, corsair conversion kits aside, I don't have to buy anything to actually build this.

Void Dreamer, jetpack, power weapon, neural shredder, gyrinx.
I'm not fan of Void dreamer, especially his psychic abilities fail to impress, but he's cheaper and can take neural shredder

10 Corsair, jetpack, 2 shuriken cannon, 2 flamers.
Void dreamer goes here and they deepstrike.

2x 5 corsair, jetpack, EML
a-haa! pew pew! hide. repeat.

Night wing
wooosh! pew pew!

Warp hunter, holofields
pew pew

still 10 pts left.

Archon Yngir
25-09-2012, 21:40
If you've 10 points left, take the Gyrinx at least for your Void Dreamer, for 5 points, you can re-roll anything in play once. Also the Void Dreamer can take a webway portal too, keep that in mind.