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19-09-2012, 16:56
My first attempt n building a completely pre heresy style Ultramarines squad. I combined the parts of the Deathcompany with the Commandsquad bits and many bits from my bitsbox. Luckily my brother started a Blood Angels army at that time, so i could borrow some parts from him. Sorry for the wheiry pic, I have to get used to the new camera.

A closeup of the sergeant

More painted members of the squad:

He represents some kind of corporal or just second in command after the sergeant. This squad is supposed to operate in combat squads. One led by the corporal, supported with the heavy bolter and the other led by the sergent, who is supported by the melta. Unfortunately I hate to design the bases... as you have surely noticed. I could need some inspiration for that.

This is one of my first tactical squads. I've started to repaint them, after I rebuilt and equipped the sergeant.

19-09-2012, 19:11
Cool paint job, I kind of get an old school vibe off the colorful look on these..

19-09-2012, 21:45
Thank you for the comment. I'm glad someone shows interest in my army so far. That's the tricky part in this change. I started this army with the background and feeling of the 41. millenuim. Now that I've fallen for the pre heresy, I only want to change the minor things on my old men and expand further pre heresy men and conversions.

Here are some close pics of the painted battlebrothers.
152443152444He still has my old painting scheme. I used to like them very tidy and neat. The new models will be painted in my new scheme.

Excuse the bad pictures. I equipped him with the combiflamer to bring additional salvation through promethium. And for extra firepower and because it's for free, I added a heavy bolter to the squad. The suad can operate with a rhino on the battlefield and attack light infantry and has a heavy bolter for snapshots (for the sake of it)

Another of my oldschook tactical squads. Here I only added some bits to the sergenat for the expression. Unfortunately they're all wearing the imperial eagle on the chest. I'm just too lazy to work on the old models, when I know that there will be much nicer ones in the future.
152452152453This squad was found to eliminate the Night Lords scum of my best mate. I just couldn't never beat them...

Another of my sins.
152454152455Here I just recently rebult the sergeant. I luckily found a shop, that sells Maxmini bits and imediately bought the steamknight helmets. I could already feel the grand shift in the immaterium, when I purchaded them and held them in my hands. Through the changes in the 6th edition, I wanted this squad to also operate in a rhino undtil they get out and fire plasma and bolter rounds into the heretics. The energy-axe is a nice gimmic, because the model gains +1 strength and has AP2 and the additional attack for the two close combat weapons. Potential duel winner.


19-09-2012, 22:29
Great ideas but not strictly pre-heresy with the fluff, you have MK7 and MK8 parts as they are the most common plastics, these are post-heresy, but hey, love the mixture and the nod to heresy era armour like the top knot on the beakie helmet. Cool touch. Don't let that nit-picking stop you tho! Forgeworld are releasing a pre-heresy line now, Fellblade available this weekend at Gamesday UK! C'mon! Whoop Whoop!

19-09-2012, 23:44
That's a helpful reply,thank you. Pre heresy wouldn't make sence anyway, when I think again. The helmets of the sergeants were painted red after the attack on Calth and thats heresy era already. Then it's a heresy/ post heresy-era army now.

Another picture of the sergeant.
152469152471Here is another tactical squad of oldschool marines. I recently added the multimelta and built a new sergeant, who will be finished soon. I want this squad to be a mobile tank hunter or heavy infantry killer. The energy-fist is as usual a nice eqippment for duels.

Thi is my second attempt on building a heresy-era tactical squad. By the way I love to play with tactical squads. I'm already working on the other 4 marines to complete the squad. Although I'm not so sure about the special and heavy weapon.

Here some close ups:

Hadriel Caine
20-09-2012, 09:52
These look really unique, love the work gone in here. Particularly the mixture of old and new parts. Also great painting!

20-09-2012, 10:25
Really nice looking army so far. Love the paint job and those new models are looking good.

20-09-2012, 10:38
Hey great army, but just so you know, in the pre heresy period a red ultra helmet marks the marine out for punishment, so i dont know about the red on the srg unless he has been a bad boy:eek:.

21-09-2012, 16:34
@ Siph: Thank you a lot for the cheers! I've heard about the heresy releases and can't wait to see the new model range and I'm also thinking about bying the book just because it's about the betrayal! The thing about remaking my army is, that I don't want to bye the forgeworld models. I think they're very expensive and now that I found a shop in Berlin, that sells "Max Mini" stuff, I'd love to create my own heresy-era style marines, even if the mark patterns of the armour don't really look like the originals. Maybe if I win the lottery, I'll rethink this comment :p.

@ Nagash66: You're quite right with your comment. I was about to rethink/repaint the red helmets, but after deciding, that my battlebrothers will be heresy-era or post-heresy, they will keep them. In the novel "Know no fear" Gulliman says, that all Sergeant helmets will be painted red, in remorial of sergeant Thiel, who was marked for censure and helped to rescue and secure the Ultramarines flag ship. But thank you!

21-09-2012, 16:56
152629152631WIP Terminator squad. Must remove the eagles and swap the Bolters to Combi-Bolters. Any other suggestions? They're to escort my captain in Terminator armour, eqipped with a heavy-flamer. I also don't know if I'll use the model of Marneus Calgar in this Army. Maybe as a count-as captain. But he'll need some conversion too.

Rhino conversion:152633

152636Oldschool Razorback. Unfortunately I messed up the pics of my Chaplain, Librarian, Captain and Command squad and so on...Hopefully I'll manage to redo them tomorrow.

22-09-2012, 01:04
This is looking really great, and I like how you're converting all those BA bits.

Just a small fluff thing, try to limit the amount of aquillas you have on your guys because the Emperor's Children only were allowed that on all their soldiers. I think mostly honor guards and veterans were allowed aquillas. Though I've seen heresy era Ultras with aquillas.

22-09-2012, 11:27
A tip on turning Mk VII armour into Mk V armour - a water filter.

As Mk V armour looks like studded Mk VII armour the addition of a few rivets can turn regular plastics into heresy era marines. Opening up an old water filter gives you a near infinite source of potential rivets - Simply drill a few small holes in your model and glue the filter grains into them.

23-09-2012, 13:10
That's a great idea.Easy and affective! What size of drill do you recommend?Has anybody got an idea how to convert the bolters to older models?

30-09-2012, 13:10
It's been a while. Here are some updates:
Here are three of four wip Marines of the converted Tactical squad.
153515153516153517This Marine will be carrying a Bolter and the missing one will be equipped with a flamer.

I recently finished the Sergeant of the first Tactical squad. Here are some closeups:
153518153519153520Unfortunately the light in my room is quite bad, so I had to take the pic in front of my window :D

Who is this Nikea anyway?! :p Don't fear the whielders of the power of the Warp: Ultramarines Scriptor in Terminator armour
153521153522I bult him from the Grey Knights Terminators I one bought, but didn't buld up. Actually I wanted to start a Custodian force with the rules of the GK codex. Now they're spread all over my Ultramarines force. They make for wonderful conversions ;) Here I still have to paint the base.

30-09-2012, 13:21
153523153524Another modell made of the GKs: a Chaplain in Terminator armour equipped with a Combi-flamer. He'll support my Assault Terminators with extra Promethium!
153525153526Last, but not least, Captain with Jumppack, equipped with the lethal combination of Energy-fist and Claw - adding an extra attack for stomping down another charackter modell in a duel ;)

30-09-2012, 14:31
If you've not read it already, the new horus heresy book from forgeworld has a wealth of information you might find useful for modelling a heresy era army in a cheaper way.

For example, the chaos space marine style backpack has now been officially noted as being a prototype (at least, prototype at the time of Isstvan III) Anvilus Pattern backpack, which has "enhanced stabilizing thruster vents to aid in void operations, but inferior rad-shielding". Explains why chaos marines have such different backpacks.

Also, several pieces of artwork show marines with Mk VII style helmets (Sarum pattern respiration mask and M.30 'Mantilla' pattern are mentioned), which are described as later becoming the standard Mk V helmet.

So yea, you could get away with a few regular mk VII helmets too.

30-09-2012, 15:25
Damn your log is awesome. how did you paint the blue? very unique painting style. I like it. And i realy love your bolter conversions

01-10-2012, 20:46
@ Baphomael: Your infomatin is wealthy, too. I was already toying with the thought of bying it.
@ Sacred Boltgun: Thank you very mutch, I apreciate your compliment! I actually just wanted to post some pics. I'll explain my painting technique the next time.

153686Re-converted,WIP Command squad. I actually thought of swapping all swords for claws, because they are better in battle. But the swords look so mutch nicer. I allowed myself to leave some aquillas as marks of rank. Unfortunately I can't convince myself to sculp the grips of the shields. I hate modelling green stuff....

Some closeups:
153688153689153690153691153692The squad was actually completed, but then I explored a shop with nice bits for sell! I just couldn't resist getting the shields.

01-10-2012, 21:37
really nice figures. I like that you kept the shoulder trip yellow.

Brother Garrod
02-10-2012, 21:03
not to be mean or anything , but cant really use the razorback if its a heresy era army , since the STC wasnt rediscovered until after the heresy itself
suppose you could use it as a predator though :p

02-10-2012, 21:32
Love the new pics, and eagerly awaiting your paintguide=)

03-10-2012, 01:48
Thank you for your interest!The guide will come next week.I've got a full week + wekend.. To keep you focused, here is the Captain of my 2nd company:
He was the first model to be painted with the new style. I read a lot in tutorials about glazes etc. and imediately wanted my battlebrothers to look that nice. It took a hell of a time to finish him, let's say a month!?
Though he's got an aquilla, he'll serve and lead my force to battle against the enemies of mankind!


iron kid
03-10-2012, 04:19
Love this thread!! How did you paint the white helmet on the apothecary?

03-10-2012, 10:11
Some really lovely painting. I particularly like how your style gives them a very unique feel.

03-10-2012, 11:25
Very motivating comment,thanks! I've made some serious progress in my mind and decided to jump over my shadow and start doing the bases. Here are some updates:


03-10-2012, 16:48
The little Painting on the shild and helmet is absolutely stunning!

Grandiose Arbeit!

03-10-2012, 18:38
I already noticed you're from Germany, too SacredBoltgun ;). Vielen DANK!!

04-10-2012, 00:34
153897Here is a closeup of the helmet of the Apothecary.
I hope you can follow the steps:
1. prime with white
2. Then I mixed about 3:1 Skull White with Codex Grey and watered it down, until it was very liquid, but I couldn't see the mixing-cd. Then I (don't know how to call it: glaze oder wash) the helmet. Herefor I took a big dip into the colour with the paintbrush and dried it slightly with the tissue. There must me still some liquid in the brushes. When I put the colour to the model, I begin in the place to be the lightest (mostly the highest part or tip of the object) anf pull the liquidish colour into the deeper, to be darker places. When the liquid collects in the rims, slits or edges, don't mind. It'l dry there and make it even look darker on its own. Let the coulour do the work, you are just adding and adjusting it on the miniature. That's why I only mix layers roughly darker or lighter, because the colour does it's own thing.
3. Another mix about 5:4 Skull White with Codex Grey. Always watered down for glazing.
4. Add a tip of Chaos Black to the already mixed colour, to produce a darker and shadowier layer. This is only for the parts, where the light won't hit the armour.
Further information: I never remix a coulour new, after have used one to paint a lower level/glaze. I just add more white or black to produce the colour next up or down
5. When I finished darkening the piece, I start lighten it up. first step is to use the base coulour, I used and either mix it with Skull White or Bleached Bone. In this case I used Skull White. Herefor I just watered it down and then dried the brush, until there was almost no liquid on it. The colour must be drier, than it is, when I paint shadows. When I highlight, the colour must be as thin and dry as possibly. After that I paint layer after layer, until I get a reasonable result. DOn't forge, the colour will make it's way! I mostly have an relult, that could be identified as an effective painting, but there is something missing... Now comes my favourite part. I water down a tip of Chaos Black, so that I slightly can see the mixing-cd. I imagine it looks like some kind of Chaos Black fog in the water. I want to use it as some kind of pen, to correct the little mistakes and asd some extra shadow darkness .
6. The final stage is to give some extreme contrast to the shadows, especially the Chaos Black deepened ones. Let's fight the darkness with pure light! Its time for watered down Skull White on a dried, pigmented brush. This is a exiting part, because I never can imagine how the result will look like and it never fails me. I pull the brush to the highlighted and mostly upper edges, where I as it were scraping it off of the edge. I always take care not to overpaint the other, lower levels/glazes.
A model never looks the same in my army. I mostly use a brush size 2. They even have nice tips and collect a lot of colour. I think it's very useful and i can regulate the amount of colour I give to the layer. Have fun and always experiment.

04-10-2012, 00:39
And some Blood Angels I painted for my brother. They also love next to my Ultramarines, next to his Chaos Space Marines....
Some closeups
This is the Sergeant of an Assault squad.

04-10-2012, 06:32

04-10-2012, 15:58
You are insanely good at painting very small details!


08-10-2012, 17:42
I recently finished hearing the audiobook of "Know no fear" and am thinking about leaving the Marines so far as "whatever era" and establish the glorious 4th Company under Captain Ventanus with the new made heresy era Marines. I learnt so far, that I'll have to plan what I have to buy, before I convert them ;) What colour edges would the shoulderpads have, if they should be 4th? I'm also thinking about hooking the design of the models onto the story of the assault on Calth.They say that the companies, that have regrouped to counter attack are a mix of warriors of differen companies. Gulliman also says that the Astartes, who have dug in should regroup and reform in battlegroups of the different companies.What do you think?Is that possibly without bying expensive Forgeworld stuff?Where should I improve in the comversions and what bits can i mix to gain maximum effectivity? I'm hoping for quick answers, because I bought new colours today and my fingers are whiggeling and shaking with the thought of building up a complete new companie of ULTRAMARINES!!!!!!
Cheers and thanks ;)

09-10-2012, 01:27
I recently finished hearing the audiobook of "Know no fear" and am thinking about leaving the Marines so far as "whatever era" and establish the glorious 4th Company under Captain Ventanus with the new made heresy era Marines. I learnt so far, that I'll have to plan what I have to buy, before I convert them ;) What colour edges would the shoulderpads have, if they should be 4th? I'm also thinking about hooking the design of the models onto the story of the assault on Calth.They say that the companies, that have regrouped to counter attack are a mix of warriors of differen companies. Gulliman also says that the Astartes, who have dug in should regroup and reform in battlegroups of the different companies.What do you think?Is that possibly without bying expensive Forgeworld stuff?Where should I improve in the comversions and what bits can i mix to gain maximum effectivity? I'm hoping for quick answers, because I bought new colours today and my fingers are whiggeling and shaking with the thought of building up a complete new companie of ULTRAMARINES!!!!!!
Cheers and thanks ;)

I would say that if you want lots of heresy marines without buying a lot of forge world you should try converting the GW marines into "MK V" Armour which would be perfect to represent the forces stranded on calth, with few resources, who are forced to mount crude repairs to their armour. I.E add a lot of studs to the legs and shoulder pads :) I have been inspired by this tutorial here http://www.mywargame.com/2010/01/17/creating-pre-heresy-marines-part-6-mark-v-power-armour/ Though there are some things I would do differently its all down to personal taste , you can take what you want from tutorials and improve or change things depending on your skill level, I.E if you don't feel up to sculpting cables on the legs you could try guitar wire.

As for the company markings I am not so sure,

09-10-2012, 01:45
Sculpting the cables on the legs would actually be very simple to do and look far better than guitar wire.

The thing is, if I wanted mark V guys I'd buy the forgeworld ones because they are much nicer than ones I could make. Converting mark VIIs would take forever and produce a less good result. Instead of spending days converting guys, go to work and use the money to buy models made by a professional.

11-10-2012, 10:59
Thank you very mutch for the inspiration! And I still won't bye the forgeworld minis. Although I've got a job, but I have other things in mind I could buy for that ammount of money. If I think, that for about 30 Pounds (That's 35 Euros) I can get a complete box of 10 Marines plus weapons options from GW and Forgeworld sells 5 Marines even without bolters or any other thing. For my oppinion, I'D rather convert than support such emens prices. For the studs, I'm still waiting for my mum's waterfilter to be used up ;) I've already bought a new drill though.

11-10-2012, 11:02
154625Vanguard Sergeant with relic blade and stormshield

11-10-2012, 11:05
Sternguard battlebrother with power fist and stormshield

11-10-2012, 11:08
Vanguard battlebrother with power hammer and stormshield

These minis are very very WIP. They were built out of boredom. There are two to come, do you have any ideas, how to complete these men?

11-10-2012, 11:09
Here are the battlebrothers to complete my fully converted tactical squad:

11-10-2012, 11:20

11-10-2012, 11:27
154636Here a captain I built a while ago. He actually should be a World Eaters captain, who leads a small force of berzerks, transported in a Stormraven. Herefor I wanted to use the rules from the Blood Angels Codex, but I decided to use the worktime for my Ultramarines and now there is a lonely warrior stanting on my desk. I'm thinking about painting him as a Heresy Era World Eater or integrate him into the Blood Angels army of my brother. What do you think?

11-10-2012, 17:47
You might give him a hammer instead of that chainblade. Then he could fit into your ultramarines fine. Or he could just be an ultramarine with a chainblade if you wanted.

21-11-2012, 19:52
158083Just to show,that I havn't been lazy in the meantime: Sergeant of the third tactical squad equipped with Poweraxe and Plasmapistol.

21-11-2012, 20:14
Der absolute Wahnsinn!

Absolutely stunning! Very well done mate!

21-11-2012, 20:20
those marines are great! I especially LOVE the poses you have accomplished on them! One thing I might say is that for some reason, your models look slightly dusty... For example, on that captain it looks like there's a layer of dust on his cape. A way to combat that is to water down one last coat of paint (Im talking like a 6/1 ratio paint to water) and lightly apply that before you do detail work thats painted on. Other then that though, those marines look ace. I love the face on your commander too. Looks quite realistic!

22-11-2012, 16:23
I'm afraid the dust effect comes from the purity seal... damn! In real It's much harder to realise this mistake. In fact I didn't even notice it until you mentioned it :p
I apreciate the finishing tip, the next model will be my volunteer for it ;)

22-11-2012, 16:28
158185A regular tactical squad Marine equipped with a multi-melta. He accomodates the seargenat, I've shown before, with the plasma-combi and powerfist. Unfortunately the weapon isn't as heresy-era as it whould, but if you look sharp you will recognise, that there is no aquila on the chest and I've changed the elements on the knees.
Some more close-ups:

22-11-2012, 16:30
158186Unfortunately I'm not so good in taking pictures....

Karak Norn Clansman
22-11-2012, 16:32
Good, for smurfs. :p

22-11-2012, 16:36
158187Last picture of this lad luckily shows the modyfied kneepad.

Next up, second in command of the converted heresy-era style tactical squad. I painted him before I bought some blue-coloured spray, that unfortunately has very big and hard pigments, and sprayed the rest of the squad and messed them up... :(!!!!

22-11-2012, 16:42
Thank you for the appreciation!!!

22-11-2012, 16:57
Has anyone got an ide how to build grips for the stormshields of the members of my commandsquad? I'm longing to paint these warriors, but am too lazy to sculp somethiung with green stuff.....

22-11-2012, 20:53
the storm shields already have hands on the back of them right?? so you just have to cut the hands off a 'normal arm'?

They are very beautiful, I love the subtle weathering effect you've got going on.

23-11-2012, 11:59
Unfortunately not.They are not the original SM-stormshields,I got them from maxmini and they don't have a grip on them.

25-11-2012, 13:02
Here's an update on what I've been working on the last fev days:
158348Champion of the Command-squad. A very very WIP ;)

Followed by a Captain with(out) Jumppack. I'm not quite sure how to fiddle him into my army-organisation. Actually I want to build up the second company from the first chapter of the XIII Legion. But I've actually got the fitting Captain and now I don't know how to sign him into the force.
You notice that by the missing Company-signs...
My work on him so far:

25-11-2012, 13:12
158350158352158354The right shoulderguard usually shows the company-signs and I am still thinking of what to paint onto the fist.
Hoping for help!

Captain Denarius
26-11-2012, 11:05
What makes these marines pre-heresy?

26-11-2012, 12:44
Nah..you've got me with that question.In the meantime I've noticedthat the topic is not really fitting anymore.I was so flashed by the heresy novels thet I had to start to convert or build my new arrivels formy army in pre/post/hery era. If there's a chance to rename this log,I would have called it: converting and painting Ultramarines ;)

06-12-2012, 14:09
159184After so many Power Armours around, I worked a bit on my Terminator-Honourguard for my Chapter Master. Here is the progress so far. Unfortunately I couldn't remove the Carnifex head under the foot of the sergeant. If I add some horns or something similar it might go through as a deamonhead..?! When the glue on the bases has dried, I'll beginn to paint these warriors. Any ideas for the design of the standard?

27-12-2012, 22:10
I've lately finished some marines.Hope you enjoy them.

160358The first of my self made Cataphract Terminators. He is part of the Command Squad, the personal bodyguard of the Capter master. Still I'm not sure about the brown cloth..

emcee temper
27-12-2012, 22:16
You took a look at my log, so I thought i'd take a visit to yours!

I love the crisp blue that you use... Ultramarines are normally really dark and boring but the bright colours really liven it up! The yellows and reds are really nice too, reminds me of the old codex, before the most recent one. Good job, keep it up! :D


27-12-2012, 22:29
Here's a member of my regular Command Squad. He actually should be the Company Champion. According to the Codex the Apothecary isn't allowed to be equipped with special weapons and I had to somehow keep the number of Stormshields high. And that's why I had to give up the champion. Afterall I think he looks mutch better with the Stormshield anyway. Please enjoy:
What parts do you think the sword is made of?

27-12-2012, 22:44

27-12-2012, 22:53
160369This is the banner for the Terminator bodyguard so far. Here I'm also not sure about my progress. Somehow the 1 in the middle doesn't look realistic and I don't have enough inspiration to make it look more special. Help

27-12-2012, 22:53
Thank you very mutch for your apreciation emcee temper!
By the way, can anybody tell me if there is the option to change the log name?

28-12-2012, 10:24
What parts do you think the sword is made of?
blade from the sanguinary guard kit
hilt from a GK sword
arm from the SM Commander
and the little eagle thingy from a generic SM Chainsword...

Great conversion!

18-03-2013, 17:36
166826166827166828166829The champion of the first chapter. He wears the scales as a sign of justice. He is known for challenging every champion or warlord and offering his health for his liege lord. I purposely added as mutch red as I could. This shows his rightous fury! For Gulliman and the Emperor!

18-03-2013, 17:40
166831166832166833This is a marine of the sixth tactical squad of the second company of the first chapter

18-03-2013, 17:48
This is a marine of the seventh tactical squad of the second company. Unfortunately I messed the qhole squad up. It seems like I bought an old can of blue colour and sprayed them all.. Now they are all grainy and have a rough surface, what makes effective painting quite hard. But after all I'm pleased with the result ;)

25-03-2013, 22:15
I managed to convince myself to wiork on the banner. I'm still not convinced by the result :s
The banner is the representative standard of the captain of the first chapter. Therefore I used the heraldry of Aggeman fom the Codex.
Des ayone ha idea wha t ?

25-03-2013, 22:57
I decided that from now on I will just continue to build up my Ultramarines army and won't sort it into a specific time in the history of Warhammer 40k. It's ongoing and will expand throughout the different companies of the XIII legion.

I've already got:

Terminator Captain: powerfist, powersword
Terminator Captain "Aggeman": powerhammer,stormshield
Terminator Scriptor 2x: forceaxe,forcerod
Terminator Chaplain: Kombiflamer
Chaplain (count as) "Cassius"
Captain (counts as) "Sicarius" alternative equipped with: mastercrafted armour,relic blade,stormshield
Marneus Calgar in Servo armour and Terminator armour
Scriptor Magister Tigurius

Command Squad (self made)
Honour Guard (originals, Champion converted)

Techmarine with 4 Servitors:2x heavy bolter
Master of the Forge with Conversion beamer (conversion)

7x full equipped Tactical squads and nice sergeants ;)

Venreable Cybot

2x full equipped Assault squads with nice Seargents

7 Bikes

3x Landeeder


3x Rhino
2x Drop Pod (1 not built)
2x Devasor squad

Assault Terminators
3x Terminator squad with heavy weapon (one is converted to the body guards of the chapter master)

I still have to complete the Sternguard squad

I got my greedy hands on the Dark Vengeance Marines and I couldn't resist convertingthem into Ultramarines

25-03-2013, 23:23
Nice thread, shame of the smurfs :)

25-03-2013, 23:25

06-04-2013, 20:19

The Sergeant so far. I paused the work on him, because I'm not sure if I should change the sword or not..
Any suggestions?

06-04-2013, 20:21

WIP of the first company banner. Shure is that I'm going to add either the name of Marneus Calgar of Aggemann. Suggestions are here also apreciated ;)

06-04-2013, 20:30

Inspired by Rusty Magos' Sternguard, I decided to add my Vanguard to the Sternguard squad. Just to add more weapon options and change the sergeant ;)
Here is the new Sergeant.

06-04-2013, 20:33

07-04-2013, 16:39
Really nice combi bolter. Good use of parts.
I like these guys, the blue has a nice powdery finish.

12-05-2013, 11:29

12-05-2013, 11:33
I decided to work on my Command squads Efficiency. This brother former whielded a powerfist combined with a stormshield, but I thought a combination of claw and fist would, on one side give the squad a costomized look and on the other side, be more effective in battle.

12-05-2013, 11:41

12-05-2013, 11:46
The Terminator Standard bearer. I wonder about the Quality of the Picture from this one... The Picture Looks different to the original, although I tried to paint the contures/shading different to the other minis (in the end all of them look different and have different painting styles). What do you think of the battle damage and the insignures? Need Feedback! ;) cheers!

12-05-2013, 14:23
Very nice smurfs mate, I like the weathering, nice and subtle, something on the fist isn't right in my eyes, something to make it pop but I dunno what cos you appear to get on fine without washes :)

12-05-2013, 14:43
Looking really great, really good terminator conversion.

Would be nice to see a group shot at some point to see how big the force is getting. ;)

12-05-2013, 20:27
Yey, thanks for the Feedback! I've postet a squad pic a few sides earlier, here's a Review;) I've also found some old Pictures of some squads I've made for another Forum. Maybe 2-3 years ago... 170740

12-05-2013, 20:30
@ intercepta: Thats nice to hear, the Thing is my painting style is mostly just to wash.. ^^ I'll have a look at the fist tomorrow after work. You managed to reach a Piece in my mind, that already told me to do something for the finishing touch. In real it Looks a bit better..maybe I'll take a better pic of it or just correct it ;)

12-05-2013, 20:33
Very impressive terminator squad, I was aware of your earlier squad pics, I was referring to a entire army shot :). I don't want you to take one just for me, just thought it would be something to bear in mind next time you have your camera out. ;)

12-05-2013, 21:09
Dw photos have the habit of washing the colour out of models imho

Love the new pics, looks like FW copied your idea if you made them 2-3 years ago :p

15-05-2013, 17:34

15-05-2013, 17:37
My Interpretation of Captain Aggemann. I built him many years ago, when I bought a box of Chaos Terminators. Now some army shots:

15-05-2013, 17:42
170848170849In the Background you can see some homeless Space Wolves from my mate. The pictures show elements of the 1st Company with Cybot additions. Thze one at the front once was a Space Wolves cybot, but converted to my Ultramarines force and serves as a vegnerable one.

15-05-2013, 17:47
170850170851Since my Brothers Blood Angels moved out,there is a big gap in the shelve... These pics Show fast attack additions and an oldschool recon squad for the 2nd battle Company.

15-05-2013, 17:55
170854170855170856 The tactical detatchment.

15-05-2013, 17:57

15-05-2013, 17:59
170859 Still quite WIPish

15-05-2013, 18:06
170860170861 While I'm at it, here a shot of my heretics... they've been left behind from my brother and are waiting to be transformed into a playable and fluffy army. There are loads of metal-raptors and plastic marines to be built. Maybe potential Astartes-Legion stuff,Night Lords or Iron Warriors??? Any suggestions!?

03-08-2013, 18:22
Hi Folks. I've been busy in the past until my hobbystore pronounced the Armageddon campaign with apocalyptic battles. Unfortunately the only opponents were Dark Eldar, Eldar and some Ork Flyers and tanks... I was looking Forward to some nice pics of my Ultras on painted Terrain, so I selected almost all of my painted models with newly painted bases and visited the store.Thiese pics are from the Facebook side of the store:

03-08-2013, 18:27
175599The Warlord in the red Shirt is Setting up his warriors!! ;)

03-08-2013, 18:28
175600175601 Some Close-ups of my warriors.

03-08-2013, 18:32

03-08-2013, 18:33

03-08-2013, 18:35
Lately I'm breaking my head ofer the decision what unit to build of These bits,that I bought:

03-08-2013, 18:36
175610 2 sets of these

03-08-2013, 18:37
175611175612 1 set of each

03-08-2013, 18:40
and I also bought a box of Death Company for additional bits and tids. My plan so far is to try to build up complete Heresy-era, Legionary Battlesuits as best as possible. Only when the equvalent bits run out, I'll begin to bash and mash the rest up.

03-08-2013, 18:59
The reason for this Mission is my love to the Breacher Siege Squad. But instead of bying them, I want to convert them on my own and build them from scratch. I'm not sure if they will look good, but instead of waiting I'll just get it on. I also thought of a Background of this squad and how to fit them into my 2nd Company of the Ultramarines. And it goes like this: The Astartes who serve in breacher squads are allocated to the Company-fleet. Through this they don't break the Limits of 6 Tactical squads and neither weaken the ranks of the 1st Company. They are trained in mid-range battle with shield and are capable to Counter enemy boarders or board enemy vessels instead. Their shield-formation allows them to operate in narrow streets or gang-ways and are often deployed as Support Units forTerminator boarding-assaults or to form a wall of shields to supply cover for advancing battle Brothers. This formations of Breachers are always accompanied by an eager and stubborn warrior with the rank of a "2nd Company, 2nd Commander of Fleet-Assault". The rank discribes that the 2nd Company of the Ultramarines has a 2nd in command to the Captain, who also serves under the fleet-officer and is specialised for boarding-assaults and sofore leads this detatchment.

03-08-2013, 19:03
P.s.: For this character I've aready got a selection of bits, who are: Torso and helmet(laurel wreath) are of the Sangunary Guard and the legs are of the Grey Knight Justaerin. I unfortunately don't know what Equipment and weapons I shall give him. Any suggestions for the Background or even the title of the commander? What Equipment shall he have?

06-08-2013, 17:12
Hi lads.I've just finished my call to forgeworld and guess,what I ordered.... 2x the boarding shield upgrade pack!!! :) I can't wait to get them and build up the unit-hopefully it'll work.Until then I'll just keep on painting.cheers

09-08-2013, 16:30
I've been thinking and came to the conclusion that this log has,at this point, come to an end. The mistake was to call this a heresy era log,but mostly only have 40k minis. So therefore I will Start a new one that shows the marines I habe,this time Wirth a Moore fitting name. I'm looking forward to it and hope for constructive kriticism.Thank you so far,cheers.