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20-09-2012, 18:11
The list is currently about 2300 so i have 200 points for magic,equipment or other items if anyone can offer suggestions and opinions on my list would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks

Gorbad Ironclaw


1 x Orc Big Boss (With Boar Boys)

War Boar

1 x Black Orc Big Boss With army Standard with Black Orcs and Gorbad)

1 x Night Goblin Shaman
Level 2 Wizard

35 x Orc Boyz


Standard Bearer

2 Hand Weapons

20 x Goblins

10 x Forest Goblin Spider Riders



Standard Bearer
Short Bow

30 x Night Goblins



Standard Bearer


Fanatics x3

5 x Orc Boar Boyz



Standard Bearer



15 x Black Orcs



Standard Bearer

1 x Giant

3 x River Trolls

1 x Goblin Rock Lobber

Orc Bully

21-09-2012, 00:13
A few quick points:

1. You won't enjoy the magic phase much.

2. Your hard-hitting units are all a touch on the small side. If you want to use Gorbad, you really need to spend the points to give him a big bodyguard unit, at least double the size of his current unit. The Trolls and Giant are decent choices, although personally I'd recommend dropping one or other, to increase the size of the Blorcs.

3. What role do you have in mind for the spiders? They cost more than Wolf Riders, and the spiders don't get to attack from the 2nd rank. Might be worth using them as two units of five, with musicians if you have the points.

4. If you can fit a Doom Diver, they tend to be one of the more reliable war machines in the army.

5. What role do you have in mind for the Boar Boyz?

21-09-2012, 03:28
You can't take another BSB with Gorbad in your army, he IS the BSB.

Use the points form the BSB who is illegal to turn that shaman into a level 4 shaman.

There is little use for a unit of 20 goblins. At the very least give them short bows so they can do something because they're not going to be winning any fights.

15 black orcs is not worth taking. You need to get that unit of to 24 at the absolute least with 30 being better. I would probably make the regular orc boys big'uns instead of getting black orcs. If you have leftover points, buy some more boar riders. I'd say 9 minimum.

Echo the comment on the spider riders. 2 units of 5 is much better.

21-09-2012, 12:27
Good point about Gorbad, for some reason when I looked, I thought it was Grimgor. If you're going with Gorbad, then you should put him with the Boar Boyz rather than the Blorcs, as he won't get a LOS if he's in an infantry unit. Also, if he breaks from combat, he auto-dies, so the more Boar Boyz the better.

Agree about the goblins, too. If you're using them as a bunker for the Shaman, then fair enough, but if you drop the Gobbos and bump the NGs up to 50, then if your Shaman gets sniped or blown up (or overdoses on 'shrooms), you can still get some use out of the unit.

21-09-2012, 12:43
Sorry my error it is grimgor ironhide im using

21-09-2012, 13:04
In that case, ramp up the size of the Black Orcs. You want at least 30, preferrably 40.