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21-03-2005, 05:42
Hey yall, here's my first crack at a 2k HE list. I was aiming towards a balanced list with a bit of everything- let me know what you think.

Commander 142
...Heavy Armour and Shield
...Barded Steed
...Radiant Gem of Hoeth

Commander 119
...Battle Standard Bearer
...Heavy Armour
...War Banner
...Pure of Heart

Mage 170
...Level II
...Dispel Scroll x2

Mage 165
...Level II
...Ring of Corin

Spearmen (16) 206
...Full Command

Spearmen (16) 206
...Full Command

Silverhelms (7) 196
...Heavy Armour
...Full Command

Swordmasters (14) 200
...Bladelord and Musician

Shadow Warriors (12) 180

Ellyrian Reavers (6) 115

Repeater Bolt Thrower (2) 200

Great Eagles (2) 100

Total: 1,999 Points

Thanks for your help!

21-03-2005, 08:36
You don't need 7 SH. As it is, I would trim them down to a unit of 6, and drop one of the Spearmen units. Then, add in another unit of 6 SH, and use these two units to flank.

Generally, I would get units of Spearmen that are at least 18+.

Also, where do your characters go? In units, running around on their own, what?

Finally, what tactics are you planning on using for this list?

22-03-2005, 20:47
consider dropping some spearmen, which are best at 5x3, for max attacks.
Reduce the SH unit to 5 or 6, and take 2 of them. Also take shadow warriors in smaller numbers. 12 is to much.. (for scouts at least!)

the rest looks pretty good IMO

01-04-2005, 15:21
Don't listen to this crap ( ok i'm joking ) but you realy need 20 of them to max out rank bonus - remember that you count rank bonus at the begining of cc not at the end so you'll get +3 no matter how te charge will cripple them and in addition you can get 18 and get them in 3X6 that nets you 18 attacs :D aginst most infantry regs in the game - so definitly combine 2 blocks in one 20 and spend rest 10 archers - this wont be powerfull but wery fluffy and nice looking :D

Major Defense
01-04-2005, 19:28
Guys, I think his intent of using 7 Silver Helms was to add the commander and get two ranks of four. The only critiques are that Ellyrian Reavers deserve bows along with their spears and you should always buy Shadow Warriors in groups of 5, 9 or 13 to require that one additional kill from magic or shooting before having to take a panic test.