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Goblin Gonads
21-09-2012, 15:14
Do Monsterous Cavarly get supporting attacks for a second rank? Rhinox Riders, Blood Crushers etc? If so is it the rider or the mount, or both or any mix up to 3 attacks?

Thank you

21-09-2012, 15:22
Please see the errata in the current Warhammer Rulebook Rules Update; (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?categoryId=1000018&pIndex=1&aId=3000006&multiPageMode=true&start=2) this adds the missing Monstrous Support rule entries for both Monstrous Beasts and Monstrous Cavalry. The full text of the errata explains who gets to attack.

21-09-2012, 15:24
Only the riders up to 3 attacks. FAQ v1.5, pg 2

Page 83 – Monstrous Cavalry
Furthermore, the rider of a monstrous cavalry model can make
as many supporting attacks as are on its profile, up to a
maximum of three.” to the end of the paragraph.