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22-09-2012, 01:05
Right Iíve played 40k since i was 11 and now Iím getting fedup with the game system, so im moving onto Warhammer! :D My list of choice isSkaven and the list I'm thinking is as Follows (I donít know of the points off by heart but the army should work out about 2k):

Ikit Claw

2 Warlock Engineers(one level 1 mage with banishing scroll)
1 battle banner (the banner the rerolls leader ship tests)
2 groups of 40 skavenslaves
40 Storm Vermin with warp fire thrower and storm Magicbanner
3 minimum size giant rat groups

4 rat ogres with 2 tamers
5 man group of skaven jezzails
40 Plague Monks with plague banner (Not sure of name ofbanner)
Lightning Cannon

Please keep in mind that I have only ever playedone game of Warhammer and that I donít own the codex, please take a look andtell me what you think to this list.

22-09-2012, 01:59
What is the point of the second warlock engineer if he doesn't have magic levels or any equipment?

I worry that your list lacks heavy hitters. While 40 size units of plaguemonks and storm vermin are decent, there is a lot in the game that will be able to shrug them off.

Your rat ogres hit hard but they are difficult to control because they have Frenzy. I would turn the 2 warlock engineers into a plaguepriest and give him a plague furnace to go with the plaguemonks.

Ikit Claw is cool but a regular Grey seer is by far more points efficient. If you really like the model get him, but if you're building your list to win a Grey Seer is just as effective in most circomstances for significantly less points.

What you really need to do though is play and watch some more games of Warhammer. I'm glad you've come to see the light but you need more experience. If you were to purchase and play this list it would very likely lose horribly. Partly because it isn't optimized but mostly because you're a novice. Get some games under your belt to see what really works, pushing around paper square proxies if you must, to get a better feel for the game.