View Full Version : Spears on a chariot crew. +1S on charge?

23-09-2012, 08:37
Does the spears on the chariot crew confer a +1S bonus on the charge?
It seems to be generally accepted that it does, however I have not found anything in the rulebook that strictly supports it.
Under weapons and spears it says.
"Spear (Mounted)
Riders armed with spear ride down footmen, spitting theme as they gallop into their ranks"

The Chariot entry does not refer to its crew as being mounted, although there are several references to cavalry there.
"Chariots and special rules
Just as with cavalry, we assume that special rules that apply to the mount do not normally also apply to the chariot or its crew, and vice versa. Remember though that there are exceptions, as detailed under the rules for cavalry (se page 82)"

So the question is really: is the chariot crew considered to be mounted?

Warrior of Chaos
23-09-2012, 20:07
Chariots are considered to be mounts.

See page 105 in the BRB.

24-09-2012, 06:09
Thanks a lot!