View Full Version : 1600 points Tomb Kings for club tournie

23-09-2012, 10:19
Hey guys.

I have a club tournie in December at 1600. I want to field my Tomb Kings so any critique will be greatly appreciated.

Liche High Priest
Level 4
Talisman of Preservation


Armour of Destiny


6 Chariots
Standard and Musician


20 Archers


20 Archers


39 Tomb Guard
Standard and Musician


Casket of Souls


Total - 1600

The event will include book missions and also a few homemade ones. The large number of banners in the list is in preperation for a particular mission based around Standards. A homemade version of B+G.

What does everyone think?

25-09-2012, 09:46
A pretty good selection in all honesty, if with a few minor flaws. The Archer blocks and the Tomb Guard aren't the most mobile of units- as such, if you should come across any sort of Elves, Brettonians or other swifter army (even Skaven would manage, I feel), you've only got the Chariots to fall back on in terms of manouevrebility. I wouldn't suggest adding new units to compensate, but instead focusing on magic to get the most from what you have. Unfortunately, this is flawed by the fact you only have one Wizard without any means of augmenting his spells. Therefore you only have access to one Incantation of Moving (or whatever it's called under Cruddace's new tyranny...) per turn and one fluffed dice roll would cripple your magic- which, for Tomb Kings, is perhaps the most important phase of the game. I'd suggest dropping the size of the Tomb Guard down to 29 (I know this defeats the purpose of hordes, but, if they can't reach their target or get shot or spelled into a thousand pieces beforehand, this won't make a difference) and including a cheap-as-chips Liche Priest to pop into the other unit of Archers, perhaps with a Dispel Scroll or similar. Just for the greater magical solidarity, you understand.

Other than that very minor niggle, this list looks very smart for a 1600pt army. I imagine the Archers and Casket will dominate a hill or suchlike, creating the standard firebase, whilst the Chariots and Guard take the centre with magical speed attached. Just as a final suggestion, consider the old Screaming Skull Catapult if you have some points to spare: against hordes, and with the removal of partial hits, it's positively lethal. Well done!