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25-09-2012, 09:53
If you play map based campaigns, what do you use for counters/markers, both to represent armies in the field, and areas controlled by each faction?

25-09-2012, 10:04
The map based campaigns I played used digital maps. I used a mask layer, semi transparent, with different colours, and tokens that I think were found in the General's Compendium (not sure), which I had digitalized. Those are easy to make yourself though.

25-09-2012, 10:16
I have paper counters from the Generals Compandium, but as I will have to make new ones for Ogre Kingdoms as they aren't represented, I wondered what other options there are. I could use the Dogs of War counters to represent OK I guess? Otherwise, I have been playing around with drawing my own counters in the style of a wax seal with a logo in the middle and a paper tail with script on it appropriate to each race. I will scan these, put them on a single page so I can reproduce them as a much smaller image and mount them on card (I like a paper map).

25-09-2012, 10:50
I have enough of the original Mighty Empires generic "army" stands and dragons, which look OK and are easy to come by, but pretty "samey" (Oh, that dragon is really a Skaven army with monsters). Warmaster models match pretty well, but I only have a few for one army (more humans!).

I'm thinking of raiding my bits boxes for army specific pieces like standard tops, shield bosses, pennants, spare helmets, weapons etc. and mounting them on spare bases/washers. This is something any player would have at hand without spending any money, and if I'm going to all the effort of a campaign map, it's not all that much effort. I'd probably paint them as I paint ordinary troops, so it shouldn't take any more time than painting an extra model or two.

For example, with our Skaven armies, the three sided "triangle" symbol can represent held territory, while the many spare rat models we've ended up with can be the armies.

Digital, I'd draw my own, of course :)

What are you using for a map?

Lord Cedric
25-09-2012, 10:52
Although I have yet to do this, it has been a dream of mine since I seen it in the General's Compendium to make a scratch built 3D map and use Warmaster scale models for army/unit markers. I have the Mighty Empires box set to do this so will probably use that for my first couple map campaigns. When I make a scratch built one, I may just use the city/fort and other non military unit markers from the Mighty Empires and incorporate that into it.. else I may use green stuff.

That said... the General's Compendium is one of the best source books for me to look through for Campaign ideas, pics, and inspiration. I had hoped that Blood in the Badlands would have been closer to that. Maybe some year, GW will create a new G.C. for 8th or 9th edition. Oh how I would love that!

- Lord Cedric

25-09-2012, 11:13
I will be using the Border Princes map from the GC, which is great. I have made my own maps before, but haven't used the GC map yet. I like to make race specific counters using shields and stuff for actual armies, but wanted something to use to show control of areas.

Although I have a paper copy of the GC map counters, I don't suppose anyone has a digital copy I could have, now that it is no longer available on the GW site?

25-09-2012, 11:57
Digital maps. I make my own with photoshop and Campaign Cartographer.

26-09-2012, 12:22
For those of you who create digital maps, any chance of following Iced Crow's example and telling us how you produce them, and maybe even post a link to an example of what you have created?

26-09-2012, 12:52
Warmaster models.

26-09-2012, 13:33
Haven't used this site in a while but:


I basically make a map of a region and then overlay a hex grid over it and get symbols for the various landmarks. Then I use photoshop to overlay transparent colors to give an idea of who owns what and create a website for it. I haven't done a pure map campaign in a while though because they tend to fall apart easily as people quit.

I do own the warhammer tiles and they are cool as well

En Sabbah Nur
03-10-2012, 16:38
I use the map builder from Civ5, and then I work it through photoshop (icons I made with paint ^^)


If that helps...

03-10-2012, 17:27
For markers, we used wooden disks which were painted. I like them, because they are very visible and you can easily tell from a glance at the map what is going on.

The campaign website used scratch-built PHP code reading from an SQL database. It used a web-interface and then the map drew itself according to the results you put in.


(For the record, I've run half a dozen map campaigns with 12ish participants each, each lasting one school term, and always had it complete. So there. :p)

Some tips on how to avoid the most common pitfalls:

03-10-2012, 21:02
Avian, great site, you are frighteningly organised.

03-10-2012, 21:56
Avian, great site, you are frighteningly organised.

Well, I don't mind taking the "spray and pray" approach to coming up with campaign rules, but you can't keep on doing that. At some point you need to figure out what worked, what didn't and (this is important) what to do about the things that don't work.

Targ Ironfist
03-10-2012, 22:03
Army counters - simply warmaster models, some here use normal warhammer models - a standard bearer or a hero on foot.

Control - we bought mighty empires, painted it and we use simple flags (painted) to show the ownership of a tile.

04-10-2012, 14:52
I usually use either single models or use the warmaster models that I have put together for campaigning, along with GC counters.

On another note, Eternus, I may have the counters for Ogres that GW was allowing to be downloaded for free a few years back. Allow me to take a look, but if you want what I have let me know.