View Full Version : Standard for expensive units

25-09-2012, 19:58
Dumb question here. For infantry, standard usually double the cost of the trooper.
This is a no-brainer for 5pt troops.
For expensive cavalry, it might be nice to have a standard, but paying an additional 40 pts just doesnt seem as worth it.
Is this still the way the cost is calculated?

25-09-2012, 20:39
Not for several editions now. Command upgrade prices are listed in each unit's army list entry along with all of the unit's other options.

25-09-2012, 20:47
It should also be noted that the majority of command options in the released 8th edition army books are set at the cost of five Skaven Slaves. (Off the top of my head the only exceptions I think I'm aware of are one of the Gnoblar command upgrades)

25-09-2012, 20:56
Cavalry need all the help they can get in 8th.

Plus, if you want to take a magic banner, you need a standard bearer.