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27-09-2012, 07:59
What basic tactics should I employ with the following army? Any tips for the use of the warhounds?

3 x 5 warhounds
49 marauders, full comm, gw's, MoK, l.a.
20 chaos warriors, full comm, shields, MoTz
5 marauder horsemen, MoK, flails, full comm, l.a.

5chaos knights, full comm, MoK, banner of the eternal flame
12 chosen, halberds, shields, MoK, Blasted Standard, favour of the gods


exalted hero BSB, halberd, talisman of endurance, ironcurse icon (joins Warriors)
Sorceror Lord, lvl 4 (Shadow), spell familiar (joins marauders)

29-09-2012, 18:11
Couple things to note

Knights with enscrolled weapons have magical attacks and therefore the banner of eternal flame will not give them flaming attacks. (in the rules units with magical attacks cannot also have flaming attacks)

I would recommend dumping the light armor on the marauders. 6+ armor save is not really worth the points. You could spend the 49 points on a magic banner for the warriors or increasing the size of the knights or chosen

You may not want to put a level 4 sorcerer in a frenzied unit especially the gw marauders that you want to get into combat as quick as possible, at least not with just a 4+ armor save and no ward save. Maybe you could change it into 2 units of marauders maybe a unit of 40 with gw MoK and a unit of 20ish shields MoT or MoS.

The units of hounds would probably be best used as re-directors and deployment drops. They cold probably take out some war machine crews also, but the marauder horsemen will be better at that. I'm not a huge fan of dogs just because they can panic so easily if a few get shot, they can be useful, they just aren't my favorite. I like using small units of marauders with MoS so they can be used the same way (cheap deployment drop, re-director) but will never panic, and with flails they can dish out a few wounds to even tough things before they get slaughtered. The down side is you loose out on the movement speed, but I like it better.

05-10-2012, 06:39
The Marauders struggled in all the battles, and mostly got killed in one turn by Plague and then a plague furnace/plague monks charge, a devestating 18 Ironguts charge and a halberd wielding chaos warriors flank charge after getting stuck against a warshrine and a chaos chariot.

The hellcannon took out half a unit of halberd wielding warriors of chaos (13 kills), after which it blew itself up. Second game it got killed by an Ironblaster shot, third game made a Boom! misfire and killed half a unit of skaven (17 kills). Not too bad, but far from reliable for those points.

The chosen did very little all tournament (yes, I know! How did I manage to do that?) but did win me the third game with an amazing charge with only 4(!) of them left against a unit of 6 Maneaters (in the flank), which were defeated in two turns when only my champion (5 S5 attacks, T5) was still standing...

05-10-2012, 19:10
Sorry the marauders didn't do much. Were you running them 5 or 10 wide? In a lot situations going 5 wide is the better option, especially against deathstars. That's why you have the GW, to grind out combat while remaining steadfast. I also strongly agree that light armor on the marauders is 49 points that should be spent elsewhere.

The one thing that popped out at me from your list was that you have a lot of points tied up in redirectors/chaff. 3 units of dogs + marauder cav is a bit overkill for a 2k game. I usually only bring 2 units of dogs in a 2.5K game. Depending on who you face chaff can be useful or completely useless so I never stock up on it. Elves usually take at least a unit or two of bowmen that will panic/kill dogs on turn 1.