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27-09-2012, 08:55
I recently finished a piece that has been sat around for ages and as I was going up to UK Games Day I took it along so I didnt arrive empty handed and I could get in early. I was quite pleasantly surprised when it got a finalist pin in the 40K large monster catergory!! I must admit it has helped with my confidence and motivation to get back into the painting and sculpting saddle after a poop year of personal stuff. So anyway, here it is on CMON. Votes, thoughts and comments appreciated - I need to get better in time for next year, I'd like to try and place as a finalist again at least if I can!! Cheers



27-09-2012, 14:21
I saw that in the GD cabinets and thought it was awesome. there was a few Bad moon entries and yours stood out to me, great stuff!

27-09-2012, 18:54
are you going to do a blog or thread on your up and coming golden demon project?

27-09-2012, 19:15
Thanks for the compliments. I do have a blog but it is mainly dedicated to cool fantasy/sci fi sculpture and art from large scale and miniature sculptors rather than my own work. I have a WIP thread on CMON which I will also post on here for practice projects but the demon projects will be under wraps. I have ideas for two entries which I am planning. One for the open which will be a bust and my 40K large monster. Which will be Nurgle. I need to get my painting skills up to speed first so lots of other stuff and practice, although both of these will require alot of sculpting in any case. I think I will attempt three entries, the other will be either a single mini for warhammer or 40K. I do have a project you may be interested in following. If you have the Forgeworld Monster Arcanum book there is some art for the Curs'd Ettin which is different to the final model. I will be attempting to sculpt that whilst incorporating the details from all three ettin types you can have into the one model. If it turns out nice I may well use it as a golden demon entry.