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Mad Doc Grotsnik
11-05-2006, 23:48
Right. Starting a new army. Beasts of Chaos, in case you hadn't guessed.

The core is going to be Morghur, and 4 Beastherds, each comprising of 20 Gor, 10 Ungor and Full Command.

This ways in at a relatively cheap 1,238 points, and I'm aiming at 2,000.

So, without telling me to change my core, as you will be ignored, what can you reccomend I do with the remaining 700 odd points? Obviously, I could *do* with extra characters here and there, but I'm really none too fussed. Magic has never been a problem, so again, no real need for Shamans is felt.

The Herds, totalling 120 models as they do, should allow me to swamp my opponent with surprisingly hard troops for their cost.

Any advice will be gratefully received, as long as your not trying to sell me a cookie cutter army. Essentially, I'd prefer appraisals of units you feel would aid me well!

12-05-2006, 00:16
Trolls and Warhounds work very nice (trolls in perticular if you buy them solely for Spawn-making) due to either regeneration of the wounds (and still keeping the spawns) or to extremely low points cost.

12-05-2006, 00:20
If you can time a charge with something hard hitting, together with the herd, it's usually curtains. Chariots are an obvious choice as you can screen them with the herd then use the extra distance to charge in at the same time. 2 together is pretty nasty and the mark of undivided makes a big difference in a low ld army.

Beyond the obvious choices like minators and bestigors and marks of whatnot which will make short work of your 700pts - i'll suggest centigors which rule in small games - 19pt cavalry with a potential 3 attacks at ST4/5. The move through wood ability combines well with skirmished infantry - you can run rings round an opponent.

Working out when and how to use units of hounds distract and antagonise seems to be an important tactic - i'm still practicing but they fit well with the mobile aspect that makes this a fun list to play.

12-05-2006, 05:45
yeah, Bestigors is something I forgot to mention, they are actually starting to get useful once they get Raiders by having Morghur in the army.

He Who Laughs
12-05-2006, 06:52
If I was going to start a new WHFB army - it would be Morghurs Horde. He is an amazing character, seeing is almost Pure Chaos Incarnate. That, and his abilites are brain-melting, but you're playing for the "theme" aren't you :angel:

I was actually planning an army similar to what you've suggested - Morghur heading up loads and loads of skirmishing Beastmen.

To go with the theme - I'd add a few Spawn - it would be rather appropriate.
I would avoid chariots - as I feel they are too "structured" for Morghur Horde. Though if you wanted to make some "counts as" chariots, with crazed Gors riding some twisted, mutated spawn-chariot, that'd be cool :cool:

Morghur twists and pollutes the forests he moves through - perhaps have some twisted Treekin type conversions that "count-as" Minotaurs?

Centigors definately fit - you could do some nasty Wood-elf + Elven steed conversions to make twisted Elf-centigors :evilgrin: Cheap too - being plastic...

Ooh, this is too good - I might have to start my own Morghur Horde! Goodluck Mad Doc!

Mad Doc Grotsnik
12-05-2006, 07:40
He Who Laughs, I am liking those ideas....

Could even use suitably manked up Dryads as a Herd....wouldn't be too hard, especially if I stick to them being Gor, rather than Ungor.

I do agree about the Chariots. I use 4 in my Dark Elf army, and I would like to move away from them ultimately.

Interesting that nobody mentioned Dragon Ogres. I have three or four from an old army, and have always had a soft spot. I suspect I may need their hittiness when it comes down to the crunch against Heavy Armour!

He Who Laughs
12-05-2006, 07:53
Manked-up Dryads! Yes! Good idea! :D

You could almost do an entire "Twisted Forest" army - mostly Beastherds, but with the odd bunch twisted Dryad/Treekin thrown in for good measure...

D'ya reckon you could get away with a suitable f*cked up Treeman "counts-as" a Shaggoth :evilgrin:

I'll just sit on your shoulder now Mad Doc, until the armies finished, saying "do it, do it, do it, do it, do it..." :D

"Do it , do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it...."

12-05-2006, 09:30
Theme is developing nicely! Could you mix treekin and dryads for gor/ungor?

Good idea using a treeman too - you could equally have him as a count-as spawn or even giant (the lotr treebeard?) if you plan on using the dragon ogres too.

Sorry to plug my own beast thread but it does have a how-to on those centigor conversions mentioned above:

12-05-2006, 10:13
Take lot of hounds for purpose of spawn - making.

The idea of corruptet forest spirit s is great. IMO you should go for it and make a log for us. :)

@ coldhog: very nice army and conversions. Keep it so!

12-05-2006, 11:11
You could always take 700 points of hounds and surround Morghur with them... ;)

Your Mum Rang
12-05-2006, 11:51
^^^ Oh the humanity! ... er.... bestiality?!

Math Mathonwy
12-05-2006, 13:50
4 Beastherds, each comprising of 20 Gor, 10 Ungor and Full Command.
Why that ratio of Gor to Ungor? I know you said that you don't want the core changed but that seems a weird and quite silly distribution.

Your Mum Rang
12-05-2006, 14:32
Plus if you want to make more spawns then Ungors would be a better bet!

That seems like such a comedy idea!

- Morghur
- 2-3 Lvl 2's (Dont have book but can you take these?)
- 2 Normal Beastherds
- HUNDREDS of Hounds around Morghur to create Spawns
- 2 Units of Trolls for more Spawns
- Giant

13-05-2006, 05:44
you should take more ungors than gors. this allows you to bulk up your herds at a cheaper cost. this is what you see in all BoC armies that do well in tournys.

also, herds meant to ambush usually don't need the standard. it's an extra cost most BoC players don't take.

13-05-2006, 21:48
I'd add in some bestigor. For them corrupted forest spirits why not use them as foe renders and/or bestigor with suitable conversions.

Centigors are brick for there points as well.

Edit: Forgot to mention BSB with the virtolic totem poisened beastmen are not nice.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
15-05-2006, 23:31
Well, I'm not such a fan of Ungor myself. Far too weedy for my tastes. If I could, I would stick purely with Gor!

The Troll idea, whilst nice in theory, doesn't bear out. You see, the Regenerate is essentially an extra save, so any wounds saved wouldn't be added to the Spawn. Also, although a nice trick, I don't want to need lots of Spawn models, as they are verrry pricey, and to my mind, it's a bit beardy to just contantly trade them up from pissy little things!

22-05-2006, 09:32
This army can be very effective. There's a Seattle fellow who uses it, and has done so at GTs.

Use Ungor and hounds- it's both thematic and effective in this case. Sort of a one-trick pony, but bizarre enough to not be boring.

As for the model cost- convert all your spawn using leftover bitz. It's both cheaper and looks cooler. Spawn are supposed to be varied, not clones of that same model. You'll need at least 10 for a Morghur army. 20 might be a better idea. With the twisted forest spirit theme, leftover Dryad bitz mixed with actual twigs, wood, etc, stones, and maybe some twisted woodland creatures might be good. Evil multi-headed deer... killer stumps gushing blood/sap... holes in the earth sprouting teeth... shambling toadstools... etc.