View Full Version : 1500pt vamp counts (help)

27-09-2012, 16:54
Vampire lord level 1, Armour of destiny, sword of strife, additional hand weapon and quickblood. 344pts

Necromancer level 2, the cursed book, talisman of preservation 180

Cairn Wraith 60

20 Zombies (musician, standard) 70pts
20 Zombies (musician, standard) 70pts
10 Skeletons, hand weapons and shields, standard 60
5 Dire wolves includes doom wolf 50
20 crypt ghouls includes ghast 210

6 Crypt horrors includes crypt haunter 238
Spirit host 45

Varghulf 175

Total 1502

the plan to use the small unit of skeletons as a bunker for the necromancer who will be behind the blocks of zombies and ghouls, to put the vamp lord and cairn wraith in the ghouls and put the spirit host and wolves on either flank as nuisances. And to let the crypt ghouls, ghoul block and varghulf do the majority of the killing. ( both vamp and necro have lore of vampires) My first opponents will be lizardmen followed by brettonians and dwarfs.

27-09-2012, 20:29
I believe a magic weapon makes an additional hand weapon null and void, just go with a shield as added protection is far more important for your general. Skeletons are kind of a waste unless you give youe necromancer master of the dead to boost thier numbers. Doom wolf might be a wasted upgrade on the direwolves as they generally turn out to be a throwaway unit, another wolf or Ghoul might be a better use of your points.
Personally in 1500 points I like to take Kemmler (lvl 4 Loremaster rocks) and Vampire fury Hero BSB, lots of fun...