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28-09-2012, 18:42
Hello Warseer,
I am new here on board, so a few words before I will come to my newest project...
I am from Germany (so sorry, if my english is not the best :D) and since 10 years or so in the tabletop hobby :rolleyes:. For me the main part of the hobby is the painting, I like this very much, because it's just enjoying for me, and playing.
In the past I ve had several armies, two space marines, a few tyranids and I collected more or less imperial guard. So what is it now?
Space Marines, what else! Last year in may I started my pre-heresy Thousand Sons (later on I will show pics ;)) and currently I am doing some heresy Emperors Children - unfortunately slowly growing...
Last time I am also thinking about some 40k chaos forces, the minis from the starterbox are very nice :D. But this can wait!
Now to the Emperors Children:

The first guy is Lucius, who will be the leader (untill Fulgrim is on sale :shifty:) of the army. The other one is the Sergeant of my first tactical unit. Hopefully more will follow in my holidays, but I am allready at work. I will update this thread in the next few days untill I have nothing more to show :angel:.

Criticism and comments are allway welcomed!


28-09-2012, 19:11
Wow, very nice Emperor's Children, can't wait to see what you've done with Thousand Sons :)

28-09-2012, 20:31
Looking great! Keep it up!!
Looking forward on your thousand sons!


29-09-2012, 16:37
Thank you very much! :)
Just a quick reply today, because I am quite busy at painting :D...
First of all two more Emperors Children... The apothecary was the bad bo, who brought me to the ECs - after reading Fulgrim I decided to take him as Fabius Bile. The second guy is the first member of the assault squad.

So this was all of the ECs I have finished so far... The next picture is an overview of my Thousand Sons force (codex Grey Knights. I know, I know, but it fits best :angel: :shifty:). They are about 3900 pts. all in all. Just a gaming-army, so a little lower painting standard the the ECs will become... But see for your selves...
Next time I will show you some the units. It's not a Sekmeth army. More of the Pyrae and Corvidae cults in it :D.


04-10-2012, 13:50
a small update today about a new Emperors Children:

And a few Thousand Sons:
First Ahriman of the Corvidae cult

Heka, an Astartes of the Pavoni Cult (counts as callidus assassin :shifty:):

And the first of my 3-4 Pyrae Squads (probably purificators (the guy with the flames :D dont know how they are called in english):

So thats it for today! :)
At time I am painting 3 more ECs (1 assault and 2 tacticals).
Looking for your feedback,


04-10-2012, 13:57
Love your EC mate, I think you've really captured the self assured look of them. Great painting ability too! Looking forward to seeing more as I too have a pre heresy EC army :-)

05-10-2012, 09:59
Thank you redandwhite! I think you will do them all the honour :D.

Bad weather today, so I think, I can manage to finish some Minis...
But here are another 2 squads of my Legion Thousand Sons:
The second Pyrae squad

The one and only assault squad I have done (and will do for the TS :D):

And here is a little preview for my Sekhmet terminator squad (at the moment I cant find the other pictures... :rolleyes:).
The poster is just a little bit "just for fun" for my gaming groups city-fight table, which still isnt finished :shifty:.

More ECs will be up on Sunday I think... Hope you like it. Criticism and comments are wellcomed as allways :)


06-10-2012, 14:40
Very nice stuff, I really like your painting style and conversions.

20-10-2012, 13:07
@Bigglesworth: Thank you, I try to do my best :D
Sorry for the late reply, but some hobby-stuff stole my time ;). So, I have some new Emperors Children to show, which I ve finished today (except for the basing -.-').

The face of the unhelmed Marine has in reality more depth... With this I ve got 3 of 5 finished Assault Marines, the latest guy is doing some Mtrix-style flying with his jump-pack :D.

And something old of the Thousand Sons:
The Contemptor Dread, Ketep

Painted him in september last year. I will show you my second Dread later on... still thinking about a third one :shifty:.


Brother Garrod
20-10-2012, 23:47
Contemptors are great in threes , especially in heresy games , seeing as you can take 1-3 as a single elites choice :p

01-01-2013, 15:21
Happy new year Warseer! :D
I hope you all had a nice start in 2013, for me, I think it's gonna be a great hobby-year. I've allready planed a lot for my ECs and the TS (... and for some more Legions to come :shifty:).

Since my last post I've worked on the first tactical squad of ECs, just one member is missing at the moment, but also the palatine squad (the ones with the jumppacks) is in painting-progress.
Hopefully I can use the last week of the hollydays for finishing those two squads, because three more squads are to come (5 man Seeker squad, another 10 man tac. squad an a heavy support squad with auto guns :angel:).
When I have finished the missing marines I'll make a post with (hopefully) better pictures and a group-shot... For now, hear are some pics of miniatures I painted last year or even earlier...

This is the heavy support squad for my TS (it's Purgator-Squad in german, don't know the english name yet...)

Another counts as Paladin Squad. They are the bodyguards for Khalophis, so of the pyrae cult.

Just a daemon, painted for a friend... I first tried the "splatter/gore-effect" on her/him (who knows :shifty:).

I painted the Hagashîn, because I really like the theme of those guys and the Hagashîn kit. I've allready painted a second Hagashîn for another "small" project...

Keep on happy painting,