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29-09-2012, 11:17
Does anyone have any experience in running Chaos Warriors in a supporting role, ie. 2 blocks of 12 warriors (possibly a musician for manoeuvrability) supporting a large block (40) of marauders to provide static combat res. (maybe place the BSB here with a war banner).
The reason for my asking is that my group is contemplating playing by the Giant Fanatic 15 rules in which no more than 15 warriors per unit is allowed. I usually run warriors in blocks of 18+, which is then no longer an option (also units are not allowed to exceed 40 models).

The Cowslayer
29-09-2012, 12:59
i think warrior units of 12 or 14 are excellent units, not necessarily only as support unit because they can still dish out a lot of damage. actually their dmg output per model is relatively much higher, the main challenge is not getting them in grind combats they dont have the numbers for.

the main things to make such a unit work are a)gearing for dmg output (halberds and maybe frenzy) and in 6 wideformation b)choosing your combats c)combining charges with other units, either to provide ranks, or to provide even more kills (a chariot or a unit of knights to the flank for example)

Lord Arkhibas
29-09-2012, 13:01
I thought of it someday too... however my time is so limited, that i have no time to test it. But i'd imagine that you need to support those warriors too, since 12 warriors will die against bigger blocks. smaller chaos warrior units of course means more manouver, because you can buy more units. AHW are the weapons, since you're making one 18 square unit into 12 block wide unit. Also be careful what you charge at, 12 warriors are not the lightest unit nor heaviest unit in game. 12 warriors will not rely on steadfast, they rely on kills.

In hands of right general, this can be effective...

29-09-2012, 13:40
I run two lots of 15, have them six wide with three spare to absorb wounds. They do a fair amount of damage to the right thing with additional attacks and supporting.
Sometimes have then HWS and they are useful with mark of khorne.
But depends how your play style is as to whether you can get it it work, and what your army consists of. I have no other warriors in those lists.

29-09-2012, 16:12
In bigger games, I sometimes run a 12-man unit (Tzeentch, HW+Shield, Banner, Musician) either side of my big Chosen block, which is the centre of my army.
Usually, I start them off slightly behind (think 8 o'clock and 4 o'clock on a clockface) to block flanking charges.

They do the job perfectly, as even just 12 of them will cause anyone to think twice before charging in on the sides, failing and the possibility of being counter-charged themelves.

29-09-2012, 16:24
I feel much more confident about fielding a few warrior support units now!