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30-09-2012, 17:34
20. Slaves w slings x 3 50 x 3 = 150
5. Giant rats+ 1 pack master = 23 pts x 3 = 69 pts
3 x 20 Clanrats 2 warpflame throwes and one posioned wind mortar = 154+154+149pts = 457 pts
(These will contain one character each).
Greyseer, Powerscroll, 275pts
Greyseer, Talisman of Preservation, DScroll, WStone Token, (General), 325pts
Chieftain, bsb, Storm banner, shield, 122pts
8.GRunners, slings poision, 144 pts
7. Grunners, slings, poision, 126 pts
9.Jezzails 180 pts
2. Warplightening Cannons 90 apiece 180 total.
Hell Pit 235pts
Enginer ,pistol + Brass Orb, 73pts
Enginer, Doom Rocket, Warp Musket, 60pts

Total: 2396
The plan is to have the Seers attempt a double dreaded 13th in a single magic phase. I need aprox, 7-8 PD depending on how many warpstone tokens i got avaible to me.
So the plan is that the Seer that dont have the awesome scroll, casts D13th with 5 dice (ofthen PD cap in my country) + as many tokens as possible. So If i cast w 5 dice and i have 2 tokens the average to cast the spell is 3 pr dice. And then if dispelled use scroll cast another one. If scrolled repeat in next phase. Try to pull scroll out early with Plague, (will destroy armies w low T values). The reason why 9 Jezzails is because they come in groups of three. Also plan is to kill off what I can and send the HP after the whats left. GR is great for taking out Warmachines and monster (Swinxes!) alike.
Considering making room for a Plague Monk + Furnance unit, will perhaps post a list with that later.
This is what I wanna know:

1. Whats your oppinion of the list?
2. What changes should I do?
3. What do you think of a "Plague" unit? (Furnance + Horde of PMonks).
4. What match up would be bad for me?

30-09-2012, 22:18
1. Whats your oppinion of the list?
2. What changes should I do?
3. What do you think of a "Plague" unit? (Furnance + Horde of PMonks).
4. What match up would be bad for me?

1. I don't much like it. Double Seers is a huge points investment just so you can get Double 13th of 1 turn in the game. Skaven armies have variety and versatility that other armies can only dream of and this is IMO such a lame, unimaginative tactic reliant on the enemy having units vulnerable to it.

Slaves with slings are really really bad. BS2 and a long range of 9" means just shooting once at anything over 9" away is 6s to hits. Move and/or multiple shot and you are into the realms of 7s and 8s to hit. Also the size of the units is far too small. 20 slaves will not last any length of time. You need units of about 40 or so with nothing or perhaps shields.

Same goes for the Clanrat units. 20 is too small. Clanrats need 30+ size units to keep their leaderhip high and reduce panic tests.

Rat darts I have never been able to master. They don't suit my style of play but I know others seem to get them to work.

2. Changes you should do? I can only advise you on changes I would do.
A) I would take only 1 grey Seer and put a Warlord in to be the general.
B) Wouldn't bother with the Brass orb, I would give the warlock a magic level instead. Crackscall does the job of the brass orb just as well if not better.
C) Jezzails are expensive and all too easy for your opponent to panic (No SiN bonus to boost their leaderhip) Drop these and take a Doomwheel instead.
D) Clanrats up to 2 units of 30. Drop a WFT.
E) Slaves up to two units of 40 with musicians.
F) Put in some Stormvermin, perhaps with the Razor banner. Along with the Warlord and BSB you actualy have a decent combat unit
G) If points allow put in some plague monks with Plague banner and a Plague Priest. That gives you a second decent combat unit.

3. Plague Monks, with Priest Furnace and Plague banner make for a very tough unit. You need to learn how to use it though. Don't expect to be able to plonk it down on the table and expect it to steamroller stuff. Frenzy is a double edged sword that an experienced player can use against you.

4. Bad Match ups? With the army you listed above? Any player who knows what they are doing.