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Cryptek Emissary
02-10-2012, 02:22
Ok, my first ever fantasy list, let alone my first with Brets, so very much looking for feedback. I don't have much tabletop experience, but have read a couple of tacticas. However, the idea for this force is focused around the Knights fluffwise, and the concept of the Quest specifically, which is why there are no peasants here. (If it wasn't for me making a basic concession to game balance, the Prophetess wouldn't be either ;))

Sir Theodore Lemarn, White Knight of Erenfals, Seeker of the Grail [Lord: General] 223pts
Questing Vow, Bretonnian Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Heroism, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Gold Sigil Sword, Mantle of Damsel Elena
- Attached to Questing Knights

Magister Sigrid von Karijen [Prophetess] 276pts
Level 4, Celestial, Barded Bretonnian Warhorse, Crown of Command
- Attached to Brethren of the Ice

Sir Giles d'Brionne, Knight Errant [Paladin, Standard Bearer] 119pts
Knight's Vow, Armour of Agilulf, Hand Weapon, Wyrmlance, Bretonnian Barded Warhorse
- Attached to Lancers of Montfort

L'Anguille's Castaways [Knights Errant] 221pts
9 men, Full Command, Banner of Errantry

The Bards of the Black Fjord [Knights Errant] 201pts
9 men, Full Command

Aquillas of Summersfall [Knights of the Realm] 298pts
- Sir Giles, Paladin
11 men, Full Command, Banner of Chalons

The Brethren of Ice [Knights of the Realm] 272pts
- Magister Sigrid
11 men, Champion, Musician

The Companions of the White Water [Questing Knights] 385pts
- Sir Theodore, Lord
11 men, Full Command, Banner of Striding

02-10-2012, 07:44
The Bretheren of Ice is too small a unit to accomplish a whole lot. I wouldn't recommend taking knight units under 8 with a character or 9 strong without. Lance formation is one of the biggest benefits of playing Bretonnia, take advantage of it.

The questing knights for the same reason should be either changed to an 11 man unit or an 8 man unit. If your lord is going in there, you'll want a complete rank, and currently you have 11 guys. Spend a few extra points for the free attacks and combat resolution.

Don't buy your Pegasus knights a standard if the unit is that small. If they flee from combat, and they often do with units that tiny, the banner bearer automatically dies and that is most of the unit. You're better off buying a 4th pegasus knight or just skipping the banner alltogether and keeping it 3 guys.

NEVER put your damsel on a royal pegasus. It's a trap. Putting her on a flying mount helps her mobility but offers her 0 protection. She's just asking to be shot at by everything in your opponents army until she is no more. You want to get her nice and safe inside one of your knight units in the second rank giving them magic resistance and getting a look out sir in return.

The biting blade on Sir Giles D'Brionne is a chump weapon. Get the man a morning star so he can pound some heads at strength 5 or just grab him a lance. The ONLY reason I'd recommend a biting blade is if you feel like you need the magical attacks.

02-10-2012, 12:01
The BSB cannot take any other mundane equipment, so no normal lance or morningstar.

Your general is illegal, he has two pieces of magicam armour.

02-10-2012, 12:23
oke i few thoughts,

change the equipement around a bit.. at the site www.roundtableofbretonnia.com you find some better builds... second
sinds its a themed armee and you dont want any peasants ore a trebuchet i am okay with that. What are you main oppenents?

4 pegasus knights are way to costly.. you will see that 3 without any upgrades besides maybe a musician will do the same as 4 will..

only one of your knights errant can have a magic banner.

and i dont think yuo should give al your units a magic banner tho;) but thats personal.. a life wizard in a unit of knights = yes you can if you get yuor thrones of vines of and no if you to any other lore.. most of the time if you miscast withs hapends..:P you blow up your unit of knights. so its risky.

i like your nicknames;)

Cryptek Emissary
02-10-2012, 13:04
Ok, made some edits. Still need to fix the general's armour combo, and the second KE's banner, but that's something to work on. Any thoughts on what unit I should put the damsel in? Also: is Celestial Lore particularly viable? I usually see lists going with Lore of Life...

Also, how worth it are Peg Knights in a list like this? I mainly took them as war machine hunters. Is that a role they'd work in a 3 man group for? Or might it be worth scrapping them, in favour of bringing back the second KotR unit at slightly higher strength? (Kinda breaks my heart to take 'em out, but yes, they are expensive.)

sinds its a themed armee and you dont want any peasants ore a trebuchet i am okay with that. What are you main oppenents?

No prior knowledge of opponents. Finding some is the next challenge, but I'd like an army ready for when I do. ;)

02-10-2012, 22:54
lore of life works pretty well with brets because if you can keep throne of vines up you'll be much safer from miscasts, which can really cripple your unit if you role either of the worst 2 options.

03-10-2012, 11:55
true i found lore of life great ( sometimes a bit boring) but it works really well with bretonnia... 3 pegasus knights are one of your best units dont take them out!.. i use mine for warmachines hunters/mage hunters few weeks back i manage to kill a darkelf lv 4 wizard in a block of spearelves with these peg knights;) so i charge them at wizards aswell. they deal with fastcav really easy..

i do miss peasants in your armee tho;) you might wanna look at 5 mounten yeoman ore some archers .. most of the time my 40 men strong horde formation peasant block made there points back. they out preform them selfs many times

03-10-2012, 20:22
In the list's current state... 5 lances is a lot of punch, but you're going to get punished fairly hard for the lack of any kind of chaff and warmachine hunting. Peg Knights at least would give you a little maneuverability and ability to threaten targets without first having to go through their lines. I know you want to do all-knights but working some mounted yeomen in as mounted squires (which is what they used to be anyway) would make it a little easier to keep your flanks clean and give you a sacrificial unit if you need to pull some big nasty unit out of alignment via redirecting, or run over something like a mangler squig that you really *don't* want to be doing with an expensive block of knights.

Cryptek Emissary
03-10-2012, 21:00
Hmm... Ok, all good points...

The reason why I took out the Peg Knights was actually more to do with the Prophetess. I could NOT see where to put her, out of the four other units I had at that point. Placing her with the KE puts her in danger,, as they'll be in the thick of the fighting, which left her either in the Questing Knights, or the KotR. Either way, that's two characters in a single lance: making them a fairly obvious high priority target. If I went with either Peg Knights or Yeomen, both of which I do consider fine possibilities and would like to have (especially war machine hunting). what should I do with her?

I have also been working on a gustification for some degree of integrating pesants, and whilst I'd prefer to avoid M@A, as they're very horde-y, I do think I could justify either mounted Yeomen or archers. Any advice on taking them? (FTR, my thinking is that my Brets might need some local guides if they venture far away from their lands. Such as, say, halflings? ;))

04-10-2012, 07:52
Archers. Take them as units of 10 or 20, always in two ranks. Scouts are also decent as they are capable of clearing enemy chaff and hitting on 4's during turn 1.

Putting 2 characters in the same unit is not necessarily a bad thing. 3+ You're looking at too much, but with her in the 2nd rank I wouldn't' worry about it. Stick her in the unit with your paladin BSB because his survival is less important and also less critical than the survival of your lord. Cast beast/life/heavens buffs on that unit and watch them go to town.

If you take lore of life, I would also consider putting her in the questing knights. Life generally has defensive buffs like +toughness and Regeneration. Questing knights' 1 weakness is their lack of survivability. Everyone is going to be afraid of toughness 7 questing knights that have 4+ regeneration.

Put those peg knights back in. Units of 3-4 are awesome and always worth taking as flying is win.

04-10-2012, 15:51
you cant get your archers to scout to, brets doesnt have that option.. they do have the option to go skirmish.. withs is nice..
some advice.. drop the magic banners and bring your lances back to 9 strong. ore drop 1 lance to make room for pegs + yeoman.. you gonna love these units.. with just 5 lances your bound to get redirected. ore flank charged.

05-10-2012, 01:03
Hmmm. I totally remember a Bret opponent with scouting archers once. Maybe he cheated accidentally.