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03-10-2012, 16:17
A quick thought on spell selection manipulation.

With one or two casters in your army you are, more or less, stuck with what the dice tell you. But it doesn't have to be! Let's say you have two casters of the same low selection, both of them level two (for the sake of discussion).
Caster one, we'll call him frank, chooses the lore of fire, rolling a 2, and 4. Let's say he sticks with those spells.
Caster 2, by the name of bob, also chooses the lore of fire, would have about a 33% chance of rolling the same spell that frank already has, this being able to choose a different spell rather than rolling for it.

Big deal, we all know that, its in the rules right?

True! What they won't tell you however its that you can ensure that a high level spell its attached to a wizard that
Has some magic kit to help him cast that big spell. Some if not most, will have figured this out already, but here it its anyways!

Let's say bob and frank have formed a study group and now have the magical acumen to become level three wizards.
On spell generation, frank will roll his three , let's say a 1, 4, 6. Now, Frank can choose to keep his big level six spell, but what if bob has an ace in the hole, like a power stone? If frank opts to take a signature spell instead, bob will now have a huge chance to get that big spell and have that ace in the hole that your opponent may not be prepared for.
Of close, you needn't have two lord level characters in your list to get the spell you need on the guy you want it to be on, just multiple lowbies that will get the other spells in your lore.
A basic tactic for any vet of whfb, but one that any army, save dwarfs, can use.

03-10-2012, 16:24
A good idea if you run two mages of the same lore and take supportive gear.

My single lvl 4 doesn't care though ;)

(Hurray for Edmonton! You going to Onslaught?)

03-10-2012, 19:27
Onslaught may not be a possibility for me this time, but we'll see! If that level 4 caster does you well, I'd humbly suggest a level one guy you can throw six dice through, without having to worry about his head blowing clean off. However, if the dice gods want you to miscast you've no hope! The dice gods really dislike me casting certain spells, especially with my vampire counts, the amount of time a two dice spell has blown off my generals head is silly.

04-10-2012, 04:27
I would like to recommend you watch OnceBitten's magic tuturial as he covers how to get "that spell you want" in (I believe it is this one - he also made a magic tactica 1.0) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igXtjbUn_ms

12-10-2012, 03:05
Unfortunately I play chaos dwarfs and the only spell I'm really concerned with getting is ashstorm from lore of hashut...so I would need two level threes to do this...

12-10-2012, 06:23
I tend to always roll the spells for my lower level wizards first (assuming I take more than 1) to help my Grey Seer not get spells I don't want. Fortunately all Skaven spells bar pestilent breath are good so a single Plague priest ensures that when I roll for my Seers spells he will not end up with Pestilent breath and has a very good chance of getting Plague or Wither.

16-10-2012, 13:30
My single lvl 4 doesn't care though ;)

He should, if he rolls a double on a spell generation :)