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03-10-2012, 19:51
Good Evening! I'm not asking for advice on building an Empire, but rather on constructing an Empire army for Warhammer!

A very simple question is all I have at this stage - I want to include a unit of Knights Panther and the same again but on Demigryphs. Are the demigryph knights better to have cavalry halberds or lances? And am I right in thinking that lances would be more in keeping with Knights Panther?

Thank you in anticipation....


03-10-2012, 19:57
I'd prefer using shields & lances over halberds, 1+ save is just too good to throw away for 1 more str for the riders.

03-10-2012, 20:02
Agreed, go for lances to keep that 1+ save. Their monstrous mounts are meant to do most of the killing, anyway.