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Valkyrie Sky
03-10-2012, 20:34
Hi Warseer I have been playing and losing against the same ogre opponent for ages, and Im at a loss for what to do.
Here are some immediate problems I face:

#1 My enchantress and Men At Arms bunker are so fragile, they get shot up by lead belchers and panic in a turn,
without a bunker it's hard to hide. With a bunker it gets expensive to field large units...
#2 On average I run my Knights of Realm in lance formation of 11 knights, should I increase the size to 14+? or run multiple small units?
I have problems breaking Ogre units on the charge, even if I flank charge 2 knight units.
#3 How do I make my Grail Knights more survivable? They get shot up by lead belchers before they can get into combat,
by the time they do they are crippled.
#4 How should I counter Iron Blaster? It moves and shoot especially with the strength 10 grape shot, it getting to move prior to shooting
means I can never maneuver out of its firing arc, my only defense is 5+ ward-save.
#5 Lord On Hippogryph, the player always selects to target the mount, T5 with no armor save means it drops like flies to almost everything.
Should I give up on monstrous mounts? Does Monstrous Cavalry like Mournfang and Demigryph uses the rider's armor save profile, while confering their toughness
onto the riders?
So far my only idea is running a Lord with Heroic Killing blow, with a Great Weapon. :eyebrows:

Help anyone?

03-10-2012, 20:50
1) You don't need a bunker if you use Prophetesses & Damsels, just put them in the middle of a lance formation.
2) I've had success with a 15 lance joined by a couple of Paladins with 1+ re-roll armor save but it's damn hard to maneuver sometimes.
3) They're just as easy to kill as other Knights, go for more core kights instead.
4) Pray that the Lady will protect you.
5) If you're having trouble with the Ironblaster you could give him the Charmed Shield & put him behind a small unit of Peasant Bowmen (their fence will stop the cannonball).

Swap the great weapon for +3 atk sword or ASF, I think you won't look back.

03-10-2012, 21:10
1. BsB nearby to re-roll that panic test, Men@Arms work very well in a horde, try that. Failing that, stick her on a horse and put her in with some knights instead, she's much safer there.

2. Problems breaking on a flank charge? I'm not sure how to help with that.
Beasts magic to boost the strength of the knights helps, as does utilising character's to give added punch
With a big lance you should easily prevent them getting steadfast and a won combat can easily deal with a nearby bsb, a re-roll isn't especially handy if you need to roll a 4 or less for example.

3. How many leadbelchers does this guy have?
Grail knights will always be a big target due to how lethal they are on the charge, try to worry less about keeping them alive and more about getting them into the fight you want them in.
If they die, no big deal they kept the enemy away from other things and killed something.

4. Get something in combat with it so it can't shoot you.
Trebuchet's should remove it quickly enough as well.

5. There's little you really can do about the Hippogryph I'm afraid, either live with how easily it's killed or quit taking it.
A guy on a steed is far cheaper anyway, plus often more survivable.

+3 attack sword works better with the Virtue of Heroism.
Similarly, the Virtue of Knightly Temper that grants an extra attack per wound dealt is obscene when you have Savage Beast of Horros cast on the user (you can deal 10+ wounds easily enough)
If you charge an ironblaster with knights, you are unlikely not to win the fight by several points, you should easily break it as a result

With regards to magic.
Flesh to stone for t5 or t7 knights, they'll die very slowly
Dwellers below can reap serious damage, killing outright on a single D6 roll. Sure ogres are strong but a chance roll on the right model is still a kill.
Wyssans Wildform Slightly cheaper on knights, plus it's stackable and every mage can have it
Savage Beast of Horros Turns any knight into a nonsensically brutal killing machine, the higher power version is mental on a unit with multiple characters

03-10-2012, 21:50
Stop taking peasants.

Stop taking monsters.

Stop worring about the ironblaster.

Get as many knights as you can.

Take a bsb and lvl4 (life).

Hit his blocks with mulitple lances.


04-10-2012, 03:34
With regards to #4, is he rolling to hit with that grapeshot? I find that a lot of time people forget that fact.

07-10-2012, 17:22
Malorian is mostly correct- except that large peasant blocks can be quite useful-

The key is look to your builds- Ogres perform in a very similar way to Bret's due to reduced frontage and low model counts- the fact that their army book is much more current means that to handle the power creep you have to trim the fat out of your lists-

So, drop the hippogryph- put the Lord with heroic killing blow on a horse in a unit of knights, then spam lvl 1 or 2 damsels w/beasts- use peg knights to keep the ironblaster busy- and as with any army that takes cannons- deploy in long lines- for turn 1- turn 2 move forward and reform into lance (hopefully your peg knights have gotten to the ironblaster already) you will now have taken very few if any casualties from cannon fire-