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04-10-2012, 09:09
That feel when you force an HPA to suicide on a mangler (or go the other way toward.. nothing~) and it dies... only to roll a 6, come back to life and a 6 for the amount of wounds.

But then I decide to go to the opposite end of the dice roll and manage 2 turns of insane courage against the new HPA + clanrats beating my steadfast.
Take those odds back to your pit, silly abomb~

Other such "impossible" moments: Empire player rolls a 10 on his first Hellblaster roll, so I immediately call "You're gonna get 2 more of those" and then he does, shooting 30 shots at my orcs~ Oh the pain.

04-10-2012, 10:09
-Needing to roll 6 6's for parry saves out of 8 dice in order to keep my general alive, I pick up the dice and my opponent laughs and says, "Why are you even bothering to try? Just pull the model, he's dead." I shrug and say "Why not try? I might get lucky!"

-I proceed to roll all 6's on all 8 dice

-Stunned silence then opponent claps, room erupts in cheers, we don't even finish the game.

04-10-2012, 10:58
Thats.. a ... 0.0000595374180765% probability

04-10-2012, 11:36
(this is in 7th BTW) charge 2 chaos knights (frenzyed nurgle knights) in to a dwarf cannon crew after muching through a squad of long beards- the opponunt just takes them off the board cos they are going to die and considering how badly the rest of the game was going (had a made phase of rolling 5+ regen saves on festus marauders) but I said lets roll the combat

I fluff my attacks
He then kills one of my guys- I end up losing by 1
fail the re-rollable break check (BSB)
run in 18 inches in to another combat and die

so yep bearlings manning a cannon armed with nothing better than a wrench mannage to do a better in combat than one of the best front line inf units the dwarfs have to offer

04-10-2012, 12:06
The other week, I was fighting with my OnGs against VC, trying out a new list with a boar boy focus. They ended up in combat with my opponent's main unit, with his killy vampire lord. Eventually, it got down to just a warboss fighting against the unit and vampire, took him down to one wound, with one left myself. He got two wounds on me, I needed 6s to save them, made both. Still lost the combat so heavily I needed snake-eyes for my break test, which I got. Next round, I challenged, killed the champion, still lost heavily but got another double-1 for my break test.

By which time, my savage orcs had managed to tear through the rest of his army. Good times!

04-10-2012, 12:52
When you used to have to guess ranges for Rock Lobbers, not only was I spot on with my range, but 60-70% of the time I got a "hit" without a misfire.

04-10-2012, 13:17
Back in 4th edition when Terror caused you to run away. Manticore landed and charged my unit of dwarves containing my general and my BSB; who paniced, ran and were cut down and proceeded to set off a chain reaction causing my entire army except for my cannon and one unit of slayers run off the battlefield entirely in turn 2; I promptly conceded.

The odds of rolling over 10 twice (reroll) are 0.6956%
The odds of then failing two more Ld9 tests as well are 0.019%

I never played Dwarves again :P

04-10-2012, 14:48
Last turn of an ardboyz tourney, my chaos vs high elf with Teclis. I was behind on points. His last turn he moved Teclis out of his unit to cast pit of shades on my Hellcannon (IF of course). I picked up my single die to roll my Ini test in disgust, cursing that hated model. I rolled a 1 and passed the test! My very next and last turn Hellcannon targets Teclis and rolls direct hit, then rolls a 6 to wound and then a 6 for the number of wounds...SPLAT. Bye bye Teclis...always such a good feeling when that model leaves the table

04-10-2012, 14:54
I remember back in 4th edition under the old victory point rules. My opponent was playing dark elves I was wood elves. We were both locked on 13 victory points a piece and it was the last turn. It literally came down to the last dice roll, though I don't remember the circumstances any more. If I rolled a 6, I would earn a victory point and win. Guess what... :)

04-10-2012, 14:58
My BSB once killed a Giant on his own with a triple 6 Hail of Doom Arrow, which was fun.

I've also killed my own Dark Elf level 4 with a misfired Purple Sun, which was less fun.

04-10-2012, 16:59
i manage to save my bretonnia paladin 2 games in a row while he had like 7 wounds against him that needed to be saved at a 6+ blessing save.. made them all:D
best rolls ive had was with my brother.. his withshunter vs my damsel.. i survived 5 rounds of combat and my damsel killed his witchhunter.. he made 5 combats a killingblow hit that i saved with my blessing:P it was just epic rolls of us both but in the end the damsel won:D even my girlfriend stopped watching hollandnext top model.. and came looking what was al this fun we had... just epic

i made a 27 inch charge once... with my grailknights with the banner of switfniss and a paladin with the virtue of the impetiousknight.. you should see the look at my oppenents face.. he was like BOYZ GET HERE!! WHAT DE **** IS THIS BRETONNIA DUDE DOING:P 27inch charge and he made it with a double 6 and then a 6 for the impetiousknight virtue.. still some laugh at the club from that..

04-10-2012, 17:01
Last turn of an ardboyz tourney, my chaos vs high elf with Teclis. I was behind on points. His last turn he moved Teclis out of his unit to cast pit of shades on my Hellcannon (IF of course). I picked up my single die to roll my Ini test in disgust, cursing that hated model. I rolled a 1 and passed the test! My very next and last turn Hellcannon targets Teclis and rolls direct hit, then rolls a 6 to wound and then a 6 for the number of wounds...SPLAT. Bye bye Teclis...always such a good feeling when that model leaves the table

you get some kudows babe... awsome

05-10-2012, 05:58
5 hits, no missfires.

In 8th had a unit of 10 thunderers fight a unit of ogres for 6 combat rounds!!. I think my opponent had 1 successful stomp in all those rounds. Suffice to say they were my heroes that night.

05-10-2012, 07:11
ogres attacking bloodletters...18 wounds...15 5+ saves...W.T.F...

05-10-2012, 07:12
you get some kudows babe... awsome

i feel ya! i actually have a victory dance when i nail Teclis...it involves slapping with a dead fish.

Warrior of Chaos
05-10-2012, 17:44
Zombies vs Swordsmen of Hoeth...the outcome should be a foregone conclusion. He flubs most of his attacks and kills 7 out of 40. I attack back with zombies, 19ish hits and roll all 5s and 6s to wound. He saves only a couple. Nearly wiped them out by turn 2.

05-10-2012, 18:12
lol those hilarious moments of the hobby... priceless... I bet those zombies earned some brains for lunch

05-10-2012, 18:21
Not great nor impossible, but 3 or 4 marauders vs. those empire guys (almost 25 or so) with long guns, lost the combat, I got the snake-eyes for my break test, Then 3 khorne warriors with halberds joined the fight, and killed a sorcerer which was also in the unit, but too late. Both units lost the combat and failed break tests in the next round. Would have been too good if 6 guys turn over the battle at 5th turn.
The problem was, I failed so many break tests in that battle for 1 or 2 points, then when the battle was almost over, I got that double 1. Great. lol

Also rolling that 11 on the 6th tzeentch spell on an empire knights unit with K.F. in it. Happy moments...

05-10-2012, 18:24
With the scenario where you had to roll a dice for each unit and on a 1 they didn't show up - I managed to roll EIGHT ones out of 14 rolls. That single-handedly lost me the game, since my general got sniped in turn 1 due to a lack of Look Out Sir rolls.

Hudson Gameover
05-10-2012, 19:12
Firebelly fire breathed on unit of marauders in combat. two 6's rolled for amount hit, then every dice was a 3+. 12 dead marauders. Ridiculous dice gods!

Warrior of Chaos
05-10-2012, 19:24
lol those hilarious moments of the hobby... priceless... I bet those zombies earned some brains for lunch

I would have given them the "hero of the battle" award for sure. They just crushed everything they ran into that game. The SoH was especially funny because my opponent couldn't keep his mouth from hanging open at the sheer absurdity of the luck.

Warrior of Chaos
05-10-2012, 19:26
With the scenario where you had to roll a dice for each unit and on a 1 they didn't show up - I managed to roll EIGHT ones out of 14 rolls. That single-handedly lost me the game, since my general got sniped in turn 1 due to a lack of Look Out Sir rolls.

Been there on that too. Had all of my units except for 2 chaff units placed in reserves and couldn't get anyone on the table. Didn't have a caster until turn 4-ish. I got beaten down hard that game.

The Odor
08-10-2012, 14:01
I remember a game where four (all on the table) where eventually sucked into the Realm of Chaos by misscasts....

And when three of my CD warmachines Exploded from Missfires on turn one...

The bearded one
08-10-2012, 14:59
I recently lined up 3 salamanders for a great shot over 2 units of ogres outside the general and BSB bubble, and proceed to roll 3 misfires and eating 8 skinks.

Also a while back a unit of javelin skinks fired at a hellpit with 4 wounds remaining, and the 4 hits take off all 4 wounds; then it stands back up with 5..

King Arthur
08-10-2012, 16:29
I advised my friend to play a 40+ clanrat unit and he placed 3+ heroes in it I promtly did infernal gate way strength 11 boom half of his army gone didn t do it as a Skaven player for 1 year and a half later!

Also had two trebuchets one missed anyhting the other misfired and killed itself the first did the same on the secound turn I don t think they were properly trained peasants!!!

Had an idea against people to have a wizard and a Bsb 45knights (yep!) and two trebs against a Skaven player secound round my "home" unit dies promtly and all go with them, all in a 1500pts

Also had a stubborn lord with a 1+ re rollable armour save and blessing hold up single handedly hold a Bsb an orc warboss a shamen 30 savage orcs an aranorok spider and two wolf chariots for about 6-10 combat phases and lives to tell the tale although he was the only thing left on the board! not bad for 234pts!

08-10-2012, 16:35
During a tournament I had 2 powerdice left at the end of the magic phase with only skitterleap and dreaded 13th left. With a smile I say I'm gonna try and cast the dreaded 13th on your graveguard unit (or what was left of it). The opponent laughs with me saying something like haha I would love to see that! And I roll double 6. Not that impossible you might say but the fact that it actually happened when I wanted it to happen was hilarious it even made the difference in a small victory and a normal victory :)

Ofcourse to counter that I rolled tripple 6 in round 2 with my Screaming bell that had the complete army within 12 inches of the unit the week after....

08-10-2012, 19:49
I was once playing a battle using all my Skaven in my colection, (including 6 mages... mainly ppriests) about 4000 points against high elves and chaos. A hellcannon fired and rolled misfire and then a three. All my mages had to take a miscast roll... Instantly four of them where dead including my grey seer...

But we continued playing and my brood horror got on their flank and killed three chaos units!

09-10-2012, 14:25
Last week, my Tomb Kings against a mates Lizardmen. In the third round, my two catapults hits nothing until then, and then I get with one of them a hit direkt on the slanns head. He missed his 'look out sir', I woundet him then, after that he missed his ward save, at least I managed to get fife wounds, slann dead... :-)

If you do the maths, its about a 0.77% chance for that outcome... :-)

En Sabbah Nur
09-10-2012, 16:08
Turn 5 on a tight play between Orcs and Demons.
Savage Orcs are opposed to Bloodletters in what is the ultimate bashing - the result of it will ensure the battle result.

The Bloodletters fought poorly, and only 2 greenskins are killed.
Then the Savage Orcs manage to wound 8 times the Bloodletters, which will assure a large margin in winning the close combat.

By sheer chance, the Demon General was truly Tzeentch favorite that day. 8 ward saves succeeded. (If I remind correctly, only two were 5s, the others went to be 6s).

No need to say, the Bloodletters won the fight, and thus the battle.
Great moment of solitude for the greenskins general.

11-10-2012, 15:23
Not warhammer per se but close. Bloodbowl. Dark Elf team, dodging out of my opponents area and trying to pick up the ball for the entire drive... 13 ones in a row... I had 2 rerolls...

On the other hand my orcs have killed enough Vampire/Chaos/Brettonian/Deamon Lords with their wacky artillery and spells on turn 1 to make up for it I guess...

The Great Flaming Odin
12-10-2012, 18:04
Last turn of this game: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?354809-Lizardmen-vs-High-Elves-(Teclis-list)-2000-pts

Steg with one wound charges a Lothern Sea Guard Horde with a noble and Korhil (and up to the previous turn Teclis). It had destroyed all my other combat blocks. Steg is 7 inchs away and charges, sea guard fail terror on a 10 and run 4 inch, I role a 7 to catch them and wipe them out.

Turn before that I had 7 saurus attacks on a T6 buffed Teclis. 5 hits and I role three 6's to wound killing him outright with no chance to lifebloom. This turned out to be a big deal as if he was alive the sea guard would have passed their terror test.

14-10-2012, 08:57
Casting the dreaded 13th once could be counted as fortunate. I attempted it 3 times in a battle today against dark elves. 3 irresistible forces. Killed 18 black guard, 15 xbowmen and 1 dreadlord. That's pretty lucky. In previous games I have attempted to cast this spell a total of 7 times, and never failed. So in total that's 10 times in a row that I have managed to get this spell off. It appears that the horned rat takes a personal interest when I play.......

14-10-2012, 10:02
I just got finished with a 3 game tournament and I had several fits of rolling insanity and I plan to share.

Game one: I flank a unit of knights with my crypt horrors. They have a 1+ armor save, so I'm not thinking I'm going to do a whole lot but getting a charge and a flank while disrupting their ranks beats them if they don't do a lot of wounds back, which would be hard considering they only get 2 models to fight me while while I had a unit of 7. He goes first because crypt horrors are only initiative 2 and gets pretty lucky and does a few wounds and I make no saves. This means since he has a musician, he's winning combat unless I do some damage. So anyway, I roll my 21 poisoned attacks and roll just completely miserably and only get 3 wounds, which statistically I should have had around 9, so I'm pretty unhappy. He rolls his armor save and bam, three 1's. The knights die, I win the combat, and then manage to run him down. Neither of us could believe it.

Game Two: My Vampire Lord's black knight unit (10 models plus him) is hit with a dweller's below. I try to dispel but fail (or maybe it was irresistible, whatever) which, you know, sucks because it could make me lose instantly if I roll a 6, but isn't so bad otherwise because the black knights are strength 4. Well, I proceed to roll for the lord first and he is fine, but when I roll for the knights I fail 7 out of 10 tests. meaning on 10 dice, I roll seven 5+ rolls. The unit was practically deleted right there. It actually ended up surviving the battle with the help of some invocation, but was never able to get back to full strength and it was a struggle keeping it alive. I'm sure it would have died too if not for it being a Blood & Glory Scenerio and me winning instantly once I killed a pivotal unit. In that same game, I had a single dire wolf (the result of much crossbow shooting) charge a cannon, hit with it's single attack, wound with it's single hit, take no wounds back from the 3 attacks from the crew, win combat by 1 and proceed to break the cannon and run it down. While not as statistically unlikely, I was pretty dang surprised it happened. Especially because in game 1 a unit of 5 dogs fought an empire engineer for like 3 turns and accomplished just about nothing.

Game Three: Against Skaven, by far the zaniest of them all. The rolls were crazy and here are a few key highlights. First turn the hellpit abomination zooms at my forces a huge distance. I don't remember the exact number but it was like 14-15 or so. My turn 1, a unit of 60 skeletons charge it with just the hopes of holding it in place for a turn or two so I could finish it off with more able attackers. So the hellpit rolls a 2, which makes every model in base contact take a strength 6 hit, which is only 6 models. He rolls 5 wounds and I save one from parry so he does four. The skeletons end up actually dealing a wound to the hellpit. Not totally impossible, but somewhat unlikely, about a 37.5% chance. Anyway, he only rolls a 1 for his thunderstomps, so he has a mere 5 combat resolution total. With their wound, banner, charge, and three ranks, the skeletons actually defeat a hellpit abomination in combat! Not only that, he fails his stubborn break test, flees SUPER far, through a unit of slaves, out the other side, and off the board. The hellpit abomination was defeated by skeletons, on turn 1! Considering that my last game vs skaven I fought two hellpits and they essentially destroyed my entire army, this was a nice surprise.

Also in this game there was a hilarious challenge. My hellknight vs his clanrat champion. First round of combat, everybody wiffs, no wounds done. Second round of combat, the hellknight does two wounds, one killing blow no less, and the champion parries BOTH OF THEM. Third round of combat, the slightly faster clanrat actually hits once, wounds once, and I fail my 2+ armor save. Unfortunately for the clanrat champ my Vampire Lord then chopped him into little pieces, but his sacrifice made it so my red fury was wasted and he won combat, causing my black knights to suffer crumble.

There was also a situation where the doomwheel hit the flank of my crypt horrors who were woefully exposed after a failed charge. The five strength 6 impact hits did 3 wounds and I felt I was over the worst of it, but then his rats attacked. He rolled a 7, managed to get two hits needing 6's to wound, gets them both, and I fail both regeneration saves. It wasn't super pivotal or anything but it was totally crazy how much the strength 2 rats conbributed.

Before you think this opponent had dice that only rolled 6's, just the turn prior to this, he had a unit of storm vermin charge into the crypt ghouls, who were 8 inches away. So he needed a 3, rolled double 1's and fails. Because it was the last turn of the game (only turn 3 but we ran out of time) it kept him from getting points for that unit which with the doomwheel (and rats) help it would have surely destroyed it. As it was there were only 2 models left.