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05-10-2012, 06:40
This is a Fantasy and 40K question.

What is the single most impressive battle you have witnessed first hand or taken part in? This is not including display games at Games Day.

Mine was a huge 40k battle played accross the massive cathedral board at Warhammer World, between the guys that attended the annual 40K Forums meet up about 4 years ago. Apocalypse templates all over the place and the Cathedral full to bursting with Imperial and Chaos Marines duking it out!

05-10-2012, 09:44
A 15,000 point per side battle of Warhammer back in 4th edition. One side was Empire, High Elves & Wood Elves, the other was Chaos, Undead and Dark Elves.

05-10-2012, 10:05
12,000 points per side battle, 3 players on the good side and 4 on the evil side. Surprisingly to everyone involved, the battle only took about 5 hours and we were able to finish it in one sitting. This was back in 7th edition and I recall the battle being pretty fun. There was a bit of a bummer in that one of the players brought a Nurgle demon army and bragged all before the battle and all night long about how nobody was going to be able to shift him and how untouchable he was. Unfortunately, everyone believed him, so nobody actually bothered to fight any of his troops and fled his charges and avoided him whenever possible. After the first three hours or so he got extremely bored because all he was doing was waiting around while other people played the game around him and he watched because nobody wanted anything to do with getting stuck in with his tar pit units. It was a prison of his own making, but he was also a really nice guy and by the end of the night his morale had sunk to nothing and everyone felt bad.

The largest battle in 8th edition was a battle of 4 armies at the 3500 level for each side in total, 1750 per army, played by 3 players. It was me and a friend vs another friend and we decided it would be fun to put our 6 armies between us in a hat and randomly draw out who played what army and who was teamed up against the person controlling 2 armies. The armylists were premade before we knew what we were playing or who was playing against who. The battle ended up being Lizardmen and Vampirecounts vs Ogres and Beastmen. Both the ogres and beastmen army had super hordes in them and my friend and I were terrified that we were going to be crushed. Through clever redirecting and a bit of luck though, we manged to keep the ogre horde out of combat while we dealt with the beast horde. In the end, the ogre horde was charge in the rear by a single stegadon, which inflicted enough wounds to win combat. The Ogres were steadfast 9 with a re-roll but failed both of them and then failed to run far enough to escape the stegadon which single handedly ran down the 800 point unit after the only combat it had fought all game. The Ogre/beastmen player was pretty upset by this and didn't want to finish out the game as at that point he no longer had a chance at winning.

05-10-2012, 10:15
A 10k per side battle between High Elves and Chaos in 6th. The High Elf guy had complete batteries of Bolt Throwers and a lot of cavalry and Chariots. The chaos side was truly monstrous to behold with Greater Deamons, Chaosknights, etc etc.....All was painted as well and thus magnificent to behold!


05-10-2012, 14:37
Well my local store sometimes holds huge games where they tell everyone to bring in 2000pts each of whatever they wanted (10 hydras if you wanted). I'd estimate this game was around 20k-30k. We only got to the end of turn 2 ;P

05-10-2012, 18:35
In our Group we try to make time for at least a handfull of decent sized games every summer.
I've been making batreps out of some of these games, so here goes:
10k per side DoC vs DE See Report (http://z7.invisionfree.com/wyrmling_x/index.php?showtopic=9763&st=0#entry22047166)
8k per side DoC vs OnG See Report (http://z7.invisionfree.com/wyrmling_x/index.php?showtopic=9735&st=0#entry22043813)
Those were the biggest this summer, there's some older ones if you click on my signature (not as many pics, not as nice terrain, featuring some unpainted models.. but still decently sized games).

The Battle to End all Battles is something that I would like to play at some Point but I'd need a bigger table for that. I don't know about the opposition but I'd be Fielding a 30k fully painted/legal Daemon-host (not mono-god but humour me!) and I suppose - if we ever get around to it - if two of my friends join their forces against me they could probably put a list together to give me a good run for my Money. It would be really cool.

@ Sh4d0w: It happens occassionally that we also don't exactly finnish these games. It seems we're often overly optimistic about the time it's going to consume. Only reaching turn 2 hasn't happened (yet) for us but we've had to 'Close-up' in turn ~5 in some of these games. :(
It's still well-worth it though. A real celebration of the hobby and all that comes with it. Just a pure delight through-and-through and Always crazy stuff happening on the field!

05-10-2012, 18:45
I didn't go to it but each year up in Fort McMurray they run a massive apoc game with over 100,000 per side. It's held in a gym and takes 3 days!

For what I saw, the most impressive game I was in was a 10K fantasy game where my idiot partner lost a massive chunk of his army first turn and we still won :D

Hudson Gameover
05-10-2012, 18:55
6k, Ogres vs WoC. Ogres won (me). Thrugg and trolls can not stand against firebellys and ironguts. Lots of fun but it took us 2 days.

Warrior of Chaos
05-10-2012, 19:49
I have never played a game bigger than 3k per side. There just isn't enough space around here. I'd love to get a big game 5k+ per side.:skull:

05-10-2012, 20:07
I played a Warmaster game of Orcs and Goblins vs Araby and Dwarf alliance. 8K a side.
Now THAT looked like a battle, none of this WHFB skirmish nonsense :)


(Please take this in the light hearted goading manner it is meant, it's not a trolling message!!!)

05-10-2012, 20:14
16,000 in 4th ed. That must have been almost 20 years ago. Orcs & Goblins + Chaos Dwarfs vs. Chaos + Skaven. Rolled an 18 for the Screaming Bell in turn 3 and used an Escape Card to let the "killed" Vermin Lord to reappear with full wounds. Good old times...

My old buddies and I plan to have a huge battle next year (about 140,000 altogether (75,000 vs. 55,000)) after I move house, tough I fear we will never realize it. The logistics effort alone is huge and I doubt everything fits onto the table (3.20 m x 1.60 m) anyway.

06-10-2012, 03:00
(75,000 vs. 55,000) onto the table (3.20 m x 1.60 m)

Yeah that's not going to work.
The battle-size is frickin ridonculous though! Just plain awesome! So just make sure you can add at least 2m to the width of that table and make sure you bring a good camera! :D

King Arthur
06-10-2012, 10:15
I know some one who has a proper 20k point game warriors of chaos (24 ogres) against vampire counts (he kept that unit up with etheral units lol)

07-10-2012, 15:20
6:th ed, I was the gamesmaster of a campaign, at end of campaign it was 4 vs 4 players, each with about 3K so total of 24 000 points, we played it out on 2 ping pong tables set next to eachother, looked really impressive & all had fun.

07-10-2012, 19:16
Some of these huge point games can be played on smaller tables than you might think. You can use reserves rules, and when GW did their 7th edition Legendary Battles article and report, they used rules for waves, units deploying further forward depending on their move value, so they weren't all crammed into a single deployment area.