View Full Version : Eldar Wave Serpent and Falcon kits?

05-10-2012, 09:42
Hey, I'm just wondering, is there ANY difference between these 2 kits??
because in basic, the Tank is the same, only the weapons are different (and you get 2 full sets of weapons in the WS kit), and the WS has the weird sticks on its hull (wich can be left off).

Also, the Falcon kit is 4 euro's more expensive? So does it contain anything else?

05-10-2012, 09:49
The serpent contains the weapon, the sticks at the front, a different sensor-array below the cockpit and a huge hull-extension at the rear to make the troop-compartment and the upper hull larger. The Falcon-kit contains the upper weapon-cockpit and the weapons which are not included in the Wave-Serpent-kit. The chassis is included in both, the other stuff is not.

Saying it short: If you want a Falcon, you need a Falcon-kit. If you want a Serpent, you need a Serpent-kit.