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05-10-2012, 18:47
I hope this goes here since I was unable to find a modeling and painting section. I plan to pick up the forgeworld deathguard conversion kit and I was looking at the models and one of the armor sets confused me. The more bloated marines seem to be wearing a very basic almost ogre gut plate in apperance armor. I looked at the GW site and tried making comparisons to the armor through the ages model and found that the style helmet they use is MKII. Now this would of helped me if the models wearing pre heresy gear were not wearing the same darn helmet. Can a vet of space marine lore please fill me in on what the bloated marines are wearing. Im asking about the power armored marines not the terminators.

Deff Mekz
05-10-2012, 19:39
The Death Guard helmet you speak off is a Mk II helm. I've had a min discussion with the FW guys in the past about the armour marks, and basically the Mk actually refers to the inner parts of the armour rather than it's aesthetics, but all the Mk's share a common theme. Mk II armour for eg; will always have the Cyclopean eye. So the helm is Mk II. Most interestingly it seems to bare similarties to the "Forge World Sarum*" pattern Maximus Helmet, so I'am guessing it's a Sarum pattern Mk II helm. (See the attached pics to see what I'm talking about here.)

The torsos in the DG upgrade sets seem to be of varied different patterns, including Mk V, so it's hard for me to say which mark the more bloated ones belong to tbh, although i'f I had to guess I'd say Mk III and V mostly.

Hope that helps abit. :)

*The reason behind my thinking of this being a "Sarum" patter helm, is both helms seem to have a sort of pre MK 7 grill to them.


05-10-2012, 20:25
I used the majority, especially those with the gutplate, as Mk. III. Those with the harnesses were modeled with Mk. IV, and those with the odd, cannot associate with a Mk... I used Mk. II. It's all personal preference, but Death Guard historically favored Mk. II & III armor above any others.