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05-10-2012, 19:38
This is my first thread so please be gentle! Just wondering where you think is the best place in the Warhammer world to stage a campaign? I have just started one in Hochland which to me is the ideal as it allows a varied range of different armies to be realistically present. Brass keep is in close vicinity where the remnanats of the last chaos incursion are holed up, The province is covered in dense woodland so Beastmen and orcs and goblins are viable too, Maybe even wood elves. Vampires can pop up anywhere and of course Empire. Theres also the middle mountains so suppose Dwarfs could be in, Although cant find any mention of any notable Dwarf settlements there. What do you guys think?

05-10-2012, 20:50
It's your campaign, so you can easily "write in" any faction you like. I think "realistic" is a very flexible concept in a fantasy world like Warhammer. With just a bit of imagination, you can credibly include anyone in the campaign.

05-10-2012, 21:30
Aye, it's your campaign. Personally, I'd avoid having a campaign set in the middle of the Empire, because it begs the question of what all the other provinces are doing. If you have 1 Empire player, a greenskin, skaven, chaos and wood elf player involved, then where is Karl Franz? Why isn't the rest of the Empire rallying to the defense of the doomed province?

One way to "fix" this is to have the campaign set in a place such as the border princes. But as that is pretty cliche...

This can easily be fixed by further limiting the map. Here's a map of Hochland: http://www.madalfred.darcore.net/maps/Hochland2_v2.gif

If the campaign is set in the Drakwald forest, with only a few towns (such as Bergendorf and Ahresdorf), then you avoid the problem of having the province itself get wrecked. The map itself would be 'bound' by the major roads, river and mountains.

The campaign itself could represent the different armies vying for control of a notoriously lawless and poorly defended part of the Empire. The 'forces of evil', if they win the campaign, would be poised from that point to have become a big enough threat to make the elector actually take notice. Even if the evil players completly dominate, all the Empire has lost is a few villages/towns, which is not such a huge loss. Any Empire forces would simply be the local defense force.

I post this because of a campaign I saw that was set around Middenheim. It ended with Carrouburg taken by Chaos, Middenheim by orcs, with wood elves controlling all of the forests and Nordland conquered. I just remember thinking 'where the heck is the rest of the Empire with this going on?'

In short...and yes I know this was probably too long a post: either shrink the map to be only part of Hochland, or move the campaign to a place where it can be more grand without having logical pitfalls.

06-10-2012, 13:34
Thanks for the responses, The maps a big help. Probably going to go for a remote outpost in the foot of the middle mountains. Yes I was thinking that it would have to in an obscure part of the province for it to not draw the Elector counts attention staright away. Thinking they could be vying for an important strategic pass through the mountains?

08-10-2012, 13:23
There is always the option to set the campaign in Hochland during or after the Storm of Chaos. If set during, there's plenty of fluff available to tell you what was going on 'blow by blow'. If set after, it could centre around the re-taking of the capital, Hergig, which was sacked by the Slaaneshi army of Styrkaar.