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06-10-2012, 23:08
I would like a unit of Cultists in my Night lords army. The only way I see them working is that they are the slaves like in the ADB books (Septimus, Octavia etc). Is it fluffy for the NL's to have cultist's/slaves do fighting? I'm very true to the fluff when it comes to my NL's. The idea would be to have 35 with Autoguns and Heavy Stubbers sit back and sort of watch the homebase with some Dakka Preds and Havocs. Maybe have a Dark Apostle (Slave minder) as there to enforce them to stay put.

Or should I just go with allied guard with a commissar and call it a day?

06-10-2012, 23:30
Night lords would use Cultists in many ways.

My favourite thought is them terrorizing a populace, capturing loads, strapping explosive collars on them (then setting a couple off) and saying "Fight or die". Terrified citizens fighting those sent to protect them :P GRIMDARK!

Septimus and Octavius are the favoured slaves, the useful ones. But the ships in the ADB novels have plenty of useless ones. It's a big ship and all big ships need Ratings and other fodder for menial work. Getting to fight on a planet is a blessing.

06-10-2012, 23:50
I'm not sure if NL's would like doing there fighting for them. I think it's beneath them. Not sure if this was quoted in the books or not. But my brain seems to tell me it is.

07-10-2012, 00:52
I'm not sure if NL's would like doing there fighting for them. I think it's beneath them. Not sure if this was quoted in the books or not. But my brain seems to tell me it is.

Lord of the Night sees the recruitment of a massive slave army to help commit atrocities and spread fear. Entirely fluffy.

07-10-2012, 11:43
Just take them if you want them!

Lord Damocles
07-10-2012, 11:55
Night Lords turn up on planet Whatever IV

Night Lords attack and do Chaosy stuff

Local Chaotic cult(s) see the prospect of career advancement

Cultists join Marines

07-10-2012, 13:35
ABD's books are not the only resource on Night Lords. Go to the original source, re-watch Apocalypse Now and take a good look at the tribal followers of Kurtz ;). Cross-reference army of Zso Sahaal in Lord of the Night.

Night Lords fight and live for material power and if one of their lords fancies ruling over army (or "nation") of mortals in recreation of Nostramo, he will get himself one. His followers will worship their lord (or Night Haunter, with their lord as his truest son and inheritor) and Night Lords as his disciples, rather than Chaos Gods. They will believe that being ruled by fear, as Nostramo once was, is only way for humanity's salvation; they will both welcome the cold rule of Night Lords and try to emulate it on non-believers. They would be effective at fighting, terrorising and subjegating other mortals (as opposed to scaring them to death), along with the ususal infiltration and sabotage.

07-10-2012, 17:10
Cultists should be happy to do whatever any Traitor Marine would command them to do. According to fluff there's cults and traitor groups "everywhere" just waiting for the right moment. I guess it's not far fetched, in a hive city there's always has to be a few disgruntled guys, and if it happens to be a war zone all the things going on doesn't probably help.

One interesting idea would be Night Lords using a group of bloodthirsty hive gangers as their lackeys - sort of reminds them of their origins, perhaps? :chrome: Dark Eldar Wyches might make a good base for ganger conversions.

07-10-2012, 22:09
i could see Nightlords torturing and scaring prisoners until they broke and turned into frothing maniacs (after all they say that the only way a torture victim can escape his own memories is by turning other people into victims) and then unleashing them on the battlefield to show the enemy what fate awaits them.

And after all what is more terrifying for the population than being turned upon by their own former friends. I could see the nightlords enjoying themselves as a planet tear itself to shreds in its own terror and its attempts to escape that terror (bat man begins style).