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07-10-2012, 20:51
Get +1 BS?

Can make and accept challenges?


That's ******* why :D

07-10-2012, 21:01

You should get a project log going...

07-10-2012, 21:04

You should get a project log going...

Hehe. Well after putting together three boxes of Corsairs and starting on the fourth, I was like....wouldnt it be awesome if he could be shooting sideways. Everyone knows you get more accuracy from shooting sideways :P
Then I saw the options in the box, and then I saw that he's kinda diving, and that was it.

I found a use for repeater handbows too, so I'm happy :D

08-10-2012, 01:11
Some years ago I was working in the states (hell, I suppose it counts as more than 'some' years ago now) and was talking to a local copper.

He told me about his favourite film, Menace II Society. He didn't actually LIKE the film at all, but, to use his own words 'That film has saved more cops than Kevlar'. Apparantly it was that film that made holding guns sideways fashionable amongst the criminal classes - and of course, it's impossible to shoot straight when you do it, thus saving lives amongst those they shoot at. So maybe +1 BS isn't that good a fit for your chap up there.

08-10-2012, 09:34
Oh those are crossbows! I thought they were some sort of claws and he was standing and doing a "this is ma hood"-pose! :D
I agree with Minty though, Mythbusters did an episode of shooting with a handgun in different styles, holding it sideways was the worst if I remember correctly.
Well doesn't matter, this is fantasy after all! :rolleyes:

08-10-2012, 17:42
Take that- SPAM!SPAM!SPAM!

Thread closed.


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