View Full Version : I just came up with an awesome idea for Pre-heresy modeling with new CSM Codex.

08-10-2012, 17:01
I own a Pre-Heresy army of Nightlords and with the new book, I was not going to take marks. I wished that Dark Apostles were 0-3 elites and could give units FnP, like one of the original rumors said. Well I've found a way around this to get FnP into some of my units modeling wise. I'll paint the Icon of Excess model up as an apothecary!!! It came to me in my sleep last night when I was going to try to make this book work for me.

I'm going to have a unit of 8 bikers with 2 melta and fist and one of them will be painted up white and be given the Apothecary bits from FW. And then for my 15 man unit of Raptors, I'll paint one up like an Apothecary too since they're not really Raptor models, but MkIII assault marines. Because the model is an Apothecary it will stand out as an "Icon" for game purposes but will still fit the vision of no chaos in my army. Isn't that a good idea. I can do this for my CSM squads too cause I already have two of those pre-heresy apothecary's painted up. Now the bike one is going to be a fun conversion.

Do you guys think I should use the current SM bikers. Or maybe use the Chaos ones and trim back the godly stuff off of it. Since it's NL and they like to scare people I think CSM bikers would be better. The bodies I'll be getting in pre-heresy FW armor, but I need the bikes.