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13-05-2006, 01:41
I really like the idea of a skink army (but not a southlands list) just for the pure fun and frustration such an army would cause, but while I like playing for fun I still don’t want to make an army that’s going to lose every single game, anyway I came up with this rough army list which I think would be fun and competitive but I don't have much experience with lizzie armies you any input will be appreciated.


Skink Priest – General – 140pts
Lvl 2 wizard, Cube of Darkness

Skink Priest – Scout – 160pts
Lvl 2 wizard, dispel scroll, power stone


12 Skinks – scouts, blowpipes 84pts

12 Skinks – scouts, blowpipes 84pts

14 Skinks – javelin and shield 84pts

14 Skinks – javelin and shield 84pts

4 Kroxigor 232pts

2 Salamanders 130pts

total 998 pts

13-05-2006, 02:03
Intersting list. First I'd drop one of the skink priest, don't need 2 at 1k, I get by fine with 2 in 2k. Second If you using that one skink priest give him the diadem of power. You now have 4 power dice 2 dispel, 6 power and no dispel, or 2 power and 4 dispel. Can't go wrong.

Second if your going all skinks, why not use a skink chief with the stegadon helm, and the enchanted shield. Ld7 in a skink list will save you many a head ache, and with light armour, steg helm and enchant shield, he's got a 3+ save, very respectible for a skink.

Finally why units of 12 and 14 skinks. Best numbers for a skink unit is 10 to save points, or 13 so they need to take 4 kills before a panic check.

Here's a retool of your list, but remember just my 2 cents.

Skink Chief - 117
Stegadon Helm, Enchanted Shield, light armour, scouting

Skink Priest – 150pts
Lvl 2 wizard, Diadem of Power, Dragonfly of Quicksilver (will come in handy if your facing other armies with scouts)

13 Skinks – scouts, blowpipes 91pts

13 Skinks – scouts, blowpipes 91pts

13 Skinks – scouts, blowpipes 91pts

13 Skinks – javelin and shield 78pts

13 Skinks – javelin and shield 78pts

3 Kroxigor 174pts

2 Salamanders 130pts

total = 985

14-05-2006, 21:47
personaly i think that you have too many scouts in this army and they will not work for you unless you have a board packed with scenary with this in mind i'll give my 2p

scar vet, puma shoes, GW, LA, Shield

Priest, lvl 2, Diadem

Chief, 2 hand weapons, LA enchanted shield, cloak of feathers, scout

13 skinks, blowpipes, scout
13 skinks, javs
13 skinks, javs
13 skinks, javs

3 Terradons, champ

3 salamanders

994 pts total

15-05-2006, 12:41
Cube of darkness needs the mark of the old ones with it otherwises its abit risky. one lvl 1/2 will have 5 dispell dice (2+1for level one+2 for diadem). I think either drop some skinks or salamanders and bring in some terradons or krox because otherwise you will have a game of shoot and run which will quickly get boring to you and your opponent, also skinks are easy to shoot down by anything and do badly in combat, i think you will suffer greatly later on in the battle especially when panic sets in, because even only one skink unit panicing can set the rest off.

15-05-2006, 15:19
I'd second the suggestion for a JSOD, good compensation for the skinks lack of fighting ability and good leadership(sorely needed). One lvl.2 priest with the diadem should also be enough magic IMO. Also, 2 unit of scouts, that's about how many you can reckon to fit on the board. Most of the time your opponent will have units within 10" of the good spots or you're just be out of terrain. 2 units of max.13 models each is just enough, don't add any more. You can get by with only one unit of scouts but I'd recommend 2 units.

If you feel like being a prick, try running the list as a sacred host of Quetzl, you can find the rules at GW:s homepage. It gives all your skinks 6+ scaly skin at a very affordable price, only real downside is that your priest gets Lore of Death instead of Heavens. But skinks with 4+ save(hw+sh+quetzl) in CC isn't to be sneezed at, trust me.

I like the combo of Kroxigors and Salamanders, I think they compliment each other quite nicely. Maybe you should consider squeezing in 2 bases of jungle swarms? They are a bit expensive but good at protecting your fragile skinks and Kroxgiors from enemy cavalry, great at setting them up for your Kroxigors to charge in.